Neopets Warf Rescue Team

Neopets Warf Rescue Team is a very simple and easy game that doesn’t rely on luck. So if you like easy games that around about skills and nothing else, this is the perfect game for you. If you’re going after the daily 1,000 neopoints then this game is what you want. After few tries, Neopets Warf Rescue Team will quickly make you get into it and become one of your favorite games.


Your actual mission in the game is to rescue as many Kadoaties as possible. These little poor Kadoaties, you know, wanted to play and got themselves stuck on the tree. Knowing how and when they got there are interesting questions but you do not want to know that. Of course, you will have to act and by acting, meaning you will have to throw many parachute Warfs as straight as possible in order to bring those Kadoaties down the tree. Usually, cats worst enemies are dogs and now you, as a dog rescuer will have to help cats. It does probably not make any sense and it must be confusing but your actual mission is to help the Kadoaties, not to ask questions. You might also wonder the height of the never-ending tree. Well, no one knows for sure because the tree is infinitely long. Anyways, it shouldn’t matter, right? You want to achieve the highest possible score and if the tree would come to an end, it would ruin the fun…


For the gameplay, all you will need is your space bar that is located on your keyboard. Alternatively, you can use your mouse if you feel more comfortable with it. Here is a picture that will give you a global idea about the game.

Warf Rescue Team Game Screen

So what you see there is the beginning of the round, obviously, because the ground is visible. You should never look at the score nor at the time. As for the lives, they should be memorized in your head. Looking at your score will raise your chances of losing the game. With the Warfs you will be able to build a straight line or a “tower” if you prefer and the one of the Warfs has to touch the Kadoatie. If you fail at doing this the Kadoatie remain at its location and you will have to get the next one, making you lose time. Once you make a contact with a Kadoatie, it will climb down safely and you will be able to continue saving more and more Kads. The number of Kadoaties is infinite which is why with enough skills, it is fairly easy to beat anyone at this game. Make sure to not abuse the strength meter or to go really soft. Use it wisely.

Handy pointer

You may have noticed that just getting Warfs to rescue Kads endlessly is a little too easy. The game contains Airaxes (brown bird in the picture) waiting in their nests to catch you. Not only that, but sometimes you will find Buzzer flitting back and forth along with some odd critter who hides in holes in the tree and hurls acorns at you. Rude, of course but the best thing you can do is to avoid them. If you ever encounter them and you fail at avoiding them, your parachute will deflate. In other words, your Warf will not fall out of the sky and lose a life, thankfully but it will reduce its upward momentum and cause them to start coming back down earlier, raising the chances of losing a life.

You will start the game with a reasonable amount of time, meaning 98 seconds on the timer and it will tick down so you don’t have time to waste. Of course, there is a way to replenish it by rescuing a Kadoatie. This is exactly why you can not skip a Kadoatie because it is “too far” from you. Do what you can to manage to make all of them climb down safely. Each Kad will grant you a total of 25 seconds, added to your total time. You turn this into your advantage because if you like to play “very fast”, here is your opportunity to accumulate so much time that you would not care in the later game if you decide to take a small break. But for this, you will have to be extremely fast and skilled. Once the timer ends, you guessed right, it’s game over. Time is not the only factor that will end the game. You have three lives that you will have to take care of. You can play 20 minutes without any problem then suddenly mistakenly throw your 3 lives, leaving you empty. It is fairly easy to lose lives. Firing a Warf will take one away from you. Making the tower fall on the ground is an automatic loss, be careful. Keep in mind that you will have to be careful about time and lives, not just one of them.

Game Control

Basically, you have a strength meter that can be seen on the first picture. It is located at the bottom of the screen. Be careful, the green square that will be moving back and forth will require you to be a little more precise than usual. Once the green square is inline with where on the screen you want to fire your Warf, click the left mouse button and keep it on hold. The green square will start turning into red while a green bar will grow and shrink back down around it. If the black brackets are filled with green bars, it means that you have added more force and you can use it as a measure to know the amount of force you would want to use in order to shoot the Warf up into the air. Obviously, don’t forget to release the left button to fire a Warf!

Strength Meter

Score & Points

Everytime you will throw a Warf on the “tower”, you will be granted with exactly 2 points. A Kadoatie will add 10 points to your total, along with more time. It is even possible to receive a “colour bonus” of 1 extra point if you manage to stack three Warfs of the same colour on the top of each other. This bonus will be multiplied if you stack more Warfs with the same colour. Warf’s colours are randomly determined meaning you will not be able to pick them.

Alternatively, if you get a Warfs very exactly on top of the one actually sitting on the “tower”, you will be granted with 2 points for making a perfect bonus. Usually, the best way you can use to do this is to fire two Warfs at the same time but you will have to be careful. Using this method is very risked and can result in game over within seconds. The good thing about this bonus is that it will be doubled each time you will make a perfect landing in a row. Beginning with 2 points, it becomes 4 then 8 and so on. After 64 points, it will stop increasing. If you get anything other than a perfect landing (like a less-than-perfect landing, for example) you will have to start over again from 2 points, building your way up back.

There is a known glitch within the game that will not grant you 40 point bonus when you get a perfect bonus on top of a colours bonus. Few people claimed they actually got them, but most haven’t.

Neopets Warf Rescue Team Cheats

The way you play the game really relies on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for an easy 1,000 neopoints, go easily and it will come to you in no time.

For those who are aiming a good score, never look at the time and at your score. Just rush, shoot Warfs as much as you can, precisely and carefully. Some people prefer picking a side then continuingly raising that tower up in a very fast way. The more you practice, the more will feel confident about the amount of force you will have to put in, in order to shoot your Warf. It comes with practice. Sometimes you are in a corner and a Kad appears exactly in the opposite one. In this case just skip it as fast as you can. Don’t miss the next on though. An arrow will give you a good indication about the location of the Kadoatie, before it appears.

When you first start the game, you will be able, since the tower has no been made yet, to fire approximately 9 Warfs quickly, saving you time. The higher the tower will get, the more force you will need. With some practice, you will be able to successfully do this method at the beginning of each round with little to no efforts. Sometimes, with some skills, you will be even able to fire a Warf, then another etc without having to wait on the green square to come back.

When it is either touching or exactly overlapping the little red marker from the previous hurl, click and let it fill about 4/5 to the maximum then release. As soon as you release, click again and hold until it reaches the maximum and then release; then repeat as soon as you release to fire off a third Warf at full strength. After this, pause a moment for the game screen to move up and give you room to fire the next lot of three Warfs up on top of each other. If you think you can fit a fourth Warf in then go for it. Repeat until an arrow appears to show you where the next Kadoatie is positioned.

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