Neopets Smuggler’s Cove Guide

Neopets Smuggler’s Cove was unveiled on 18 October 2001 (Y3 in Neopets time) as a black market for pirates and smugglers to sell their booty– er, treasure, that is. The treasure sold here is so rare, only 100-120 of each item exists in all of Neopia. Yes, your suspicions are correct: it is super rare and difficult to purchase items here with your coin purse of dubloons, but if you’re able to snatch something… Well, let’s see if you get that far first!

Neopets Smugglers Cove


Smuggler’s Cove is located on the top-righthand corner of Krawk Island. It’s incredibly simple to get to — simply click Smuggler’s Cove on the map and violá!

Smugglers Cove Link

When you enter Smuggler’s Cove, you’ll get one of three responses:

  • The smugglers have no items to sell currently. This means that there is nothing you can do — there is nothing to buy, and there is no way of forcing items to appear. You have to leave and try another time.
  • Please wait a while before you return! If you think you can simply sit in the cove and refresh, you’re wrong! When you receive this (see picture below), you’re banned from the cove. While bans are completely random and last for a random amount of time, they’ve been rumored to appear after 2-3 refreshes of the cove and generally last between 30 and 60 minutes.

Neopets Smugglers Cove

  • There are items!!! Use your dubloons to buy them! You do not need to have the exact amount of dubloons necessary for an item, ex. if you want to buy something for 250 dubloons, it’s okay if you have three One Hundred Dubloon Coins. (see editorial response)

Neopets Smugglers CoveI don’t have a screenshot of items in the cove (because that’s how hard it is!),
so here’s a silly Usul and his pirate friends instead.


Buying items in Smuggler’s Cove is very difficult, as the items are very rare and of limited quantity. Originally, TNT only released 100 of every item in the Cove, meaning after they had been purchased, they would never restock again. Very, very few items remain to be purchased, and TNT has not been in the mood to release more the last couple of years; if they ever do release items again, it will appear in the news (New Features), so keep an eye out!

“You may have to do a little searching to find the latest Battledome item.
We heard it was available in a secret cave somewhere far away…”
– TNT’s announcement of a new item at the cove

For now, many people stuck stalking the Cove hoping to catch one of the last remaining items.

What is and what is not left to be purchased in Smuggler’s Cove is not clear. For example, people seem relatively certain that there are no more Super Attack Peas — all 100-120 have been purchased. Still, there seem to be some Sword of White Lies Battledome items left… perhaps you can stalk the cove and snag one of these yourself!


Items in the cove stock on the exact minute, such as 03:20:00 and not 03:20:14.

They stock anywhere from 1-3 at a time, though generally only one.


Items in the cove range in price, but they must always be purchased with dubloons. You simply need to have them in your inventory and they will work at the cove.

There are many ways to obtain dubloons:

  • Dailies. Certain dailies give out dubloons regularly (and randomly):
  • Regular Shop Wizard / SSW
    • Dubloons in denominations up to Five Hundred Dubloon Coin can regularly be purchased via Shop Wizard and Super Shop Wizard
  • Trading Post
    • Go here to purchase a One Thousand Dubloon Coin

Don’t forget that if you want take your small denomination dubloons and exchange them for high denomination dubloons (such as 2 Fifty Dubloon Coins for 1 One Hundred Dubloon Coin), you can go here. This isn’t necessary, but it’s a good way to make room in your inventory!


There’s a lot of different advice floating about the web about Smuggler’s Cove, but the reality of the situation is that there are so few items remaining to stock and there is so little collected data about recent cover purchases. We cannot recommend a specific time to refresh at the cove (like any other shop), though we can recommend that you carry at least 300 dubloons when hanging about there; though 600 is the highest-priced item, so if you want to be able to purchase any single item that appears, it is best to carry this amount. Hesitating about purchasing an item, double checking the price of an item vs. what is in your inventory, retrieving more dubloons from your Safety Deposit Box, or purchasing more dubloons from the shop wiz/SSW will essentially ruin your chance of being able to purchase an item that appears in the cove. Again, because these items are so rare and worth so much, there are many, many sets of eyes waiting for something to appear. Make sure you’re well-prepared, even if you cannot predict when something will appear!



Price (in dubloons)

9 Pound Coconut

400 dubloons

A Grey Faerie Doll


Alien Aisha Ray Gun

80 dubloons

Alien Aisha Sceptre

550 dubloons

Alien Aisha Scrambler

400 dubloons

Ancient Hourglass

500 dubloons

Artichoke Bomb

100 dubloons

Attack Meatball

100 dubloons

Attack Pea

160 dubloons

Aubergine Mace

 30 dubloons

Banana Sword

 75 dubloons

Battle Plunger

12 dubloons

Bottle Of Magic Sand

50 dubloons

Cabbage of Mystery


Cake Bomb

 50 dubloons

Candy Club


Chia Leaping Boots

 200 dubloons

Cursed Ink Pot

400 dubloons

Death Knell

300 dubloons

Dr Sloth Plushie


Earwax Chia

 50 dubloons

Face Mace

 260 dubloons

Fierce Wooden Leg


Frozen Cyodrake Shield

300 dubloons

Fungus Chucks


Golden Pirate Amulet

150 dubloons

Grapes of Wrath

155 dubloons

Hammer of DEATH

250 dubloons

Kauvaras Marvellous Potion

120 dubloons

Kougra Brush

600 dubloons

Maractite Bomb

 250 dubloons


 260 dubloons

Mega Cabbage


Metal Wand

 230 dubloons

Mighty Asparagus Sword

 100 dubloons

Mysterious Amulet

 300 dubloons

Mystic Jelly Bean Necklace


Mystical Fish Lobber

 160 dubloons

Mystical Teapot of Doom

30 dubloons

Pear of Disintegration


Pirate Jelly

 10 dubloons

Pirate Peophin Plushie


Pirate Ship Float Pen

15 dubloons

Pocket Lab Ray

100 dubloons

Rotten Negg


Sack Of Sneezing Powder

105 dubloons

Sad Spell

 50 dubloons

Seasonal Attack Pea

100 dubloons

Ship in a Bottle Snowglobe

25 dubloons

Sloth Approved Hair Gel

 200 dubloons

Sludge Bomb

200 dubloons

Smugglers Cove Pirate Plushie


Smugglers Treasure Chest

 90 dubloons

Sponge Shield

 5 dubloons

Super Attack Pea

200 dubloons

Sword of White Lies

300 dubloons

Toxic Sock of Doom

 320 dubloons

Umbrella Shield

 3 dubloons


To obtain this avatar, attach a Super Attack Pea (Battledome equipment) to your Pea Chia.

NOTE: While this item is not considered [retired], it will never stock again in Smuggler’s Cove. The only way to obtain this avatar is to purchase one from another user or request someone lend it to you. Remember to always practice safe lending!


  • TNT does not keep track of items that are lost when accounts are frozen or purged, nor items that have been duped. This means that there is no way to know exactly how many of each of these items (or any item, for that matter) is still in existence in Neopia today. (see editorial)
  • Always practice caution while refreshing at the cove or any other “shop — the Pant Devil is never too far away! For this reason, it may be wiser to carry smaller denominations of dubloons, which are worth less than higher denominations.

Author: Sarah

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