Neopets Esophagor – Brain Tree Quests

Neopets Esophagor Quests are missions that you will take from the Esophagor, located in the Haunted Woods, that is not really friendly. He is a slime monster that is very lazy, with a great appetite. For that reason, Neopets Esophagor Quests is where you will be asked to bring food to the Esophagor by clicking on the “Sure I will find you food” to successfully begin a quest. If you’re looking for a quest, you will not be allowed to have 60 items or more in stock. Thus, you may want to put some of them in your SDB using the quick stock option.

Quest Objective & Prizes

When you take a quest, you will be asked to bring between one and three Spooky Food items that can be low priced or high priced, depending on their rarity. Sometimes they will cost you as low as ~10 NP and some other times they will be in the 100k+ NP range. If he asks you for an expensive item, simply don’t do it. It is not worth it. A maximum of 10 Esophagor quests can be done during a single day.

Most people complete the Esophagor quest simply to get him as a Battledome Challenger. However, he will not give you an Avatar. His prizes will not be higher than r89 items.

Associate – Brain Tree

The Brain Tree is a spooky looking tree that is also located in the Haunted Woods. The Esophagor and the Brain Tree are associate because when you go to do a Brain Tree quest, you will be asked for information. The only way to get these information is by doing Esophagor quests. You can ask anyone on Neopets, no one will be able to provide an answer. You will have to complete a Esophagor quest to get the answer. As always, it will take more than one Esophagor quest to get a complete question asked by the Brain Tree. Two of them will be required, one of them to know the Date of Death of X, and another to get Y answer. The Brain Tree will also become a Battledome challenger when you complete its quests.

Neopets Esophagor – Brain Tree Cheats

Since the Esophagor will not reward you with an expensive item, never do his quests if hes asking for a super rare item that is highly priced, or after unbuyables unless, of course, you’re ultra rich. If you decide to not complete one of his quests, however, you will have it to end by itself to start the next one. Same thing applies for the Brain Tree, it will not give you super rare items, so you should consider the amount of NP you’re going spend as a “loss”.

There is also a Bonus associated to quests, where you will be given a prize, the Tales of the Esophagor book, after successful completion of Edna, Esophagor and Brain Tree quests during a month.

When you get both of the challengers, the only reason you would be doing more quests is if you’re looking for the Brain Tree trophy, which is all based on your speed to give it the valid answer.

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