Neopets Lunar Temple Puzzle

The Shenkuu Lunar Temple is a daily game that involves tracking the movement of Kreludor and calculating the phase of the moon based on the star chart given in the puzzle. You can play this puzzle once a day by selecting one of the moon phases at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind, once you select a phase, the puzzle auto-submits so don’t click a phase until you are ready. To get to the Shenkuu Lunar Puzzle, click here.

Shenkuu Lunar Temple Cheats

Finding the angle measurement of the moon involves looking through the source code of the page. There are two ways to open the source code. Either click a blank area of the page and press “Ctrl + U” on your keyboard or right click on a blank area of the page and select the “View page source” option. The next step is to search for “&angleKreludor”. Use “Ctrl + F” open the search bar on the source code page and search until you find the line of code that looks like this: angleNeopia=38&angleKreludor=30&viewID=2. The number you want to take note of is immediately after “Kreludor” so in this case the number would be 30.

From here, the rest is easy. Using your number from the first step, you’ll need to use the chart below to help decipher which phase is the answer to your puzzle. In the table, the Kreludor Angle is the number from step one, so let’s say 30 and Moon Phase indicates the number attached to the moon phases below. In this case, with a Kreludor Angle of 30, the Moon phase would be 2.

The Kreludor Angle Moon Phase
0 – 11 1
12 – 33 2
34 – 56 3
57 – 78 4
79 – 101 5
102 – 123 6
124 – 146 7
147 – 168 8
169 – 191 9
192 – 213 10
214 – 236 11
237 – 258 12
259 – 281 13
282 – 303 14
304 – 326 15
327 – 348 16
349 – 360 1


If you have correctly calculated the angle, then you will be given a main prize. If you did not calculate the correct angle, then you will be given a consolation prize. Some of the prizes are rare and exclusive to the daily, such as the Pygui, and others are common and can be found elsewhere, such as Moon and Stars Background.

Main Prizes

  • Black Cherry Tea
  • Blue Moon Petpet Bed
  • Golden Moon Comb
  • Green Tea Custard
  • Lotus Leaves
  • Lunar Astrolabe
  • Lunar Cape
  • Lunar Chart
  • Lunar Temple Background
  • Mint Rolls
  • Moon and Star Stickies
  • Moon and Stars Background
  • Moon Crunch Cereal
  • Moon Dust Scroll
  • Moon Orb
  • Moon Paving Stone
  • Moondial
  • Moonlit Esophagor Stamp
  • Paper Star
  • Phases of the Moon
  • Pygui
  • Snazzy Moon Comb

Consolation Prizes

  • Bitten Green Apple
  • Neo Crackers
  • Orange Chicken
  • Rainbow Dung
  • Shenkuu Firecrackers
  • Shenkuu Lunar Festival
  • Commemorative Guide
  • Shenkuu Postcard
  • Shenkuu Sushi Roll Magnet
  • Soggy Old Box
  • Soothing Stones

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