Neopets Tyranu Evanu

Neopets Tyranu Evanu is a very old game that is non-flash. If you are one of those who think that they are never lucky, do not even try to play this game. This game is mainly based on luck and there is almost no strategy that will be involved. So the users you will see on the high score table are not there because they were skilled, they are there because they were lucky while playing a Tyrannian game.


When you decide to play Tyranu Evanu, you will have to spend a total of 30 Neopoints for each match you do. The game is simple. Guess the card that is face down. All you will have to remember is that Tyranu means higher and that Evanu means lower. The Tyranu and Evanu buttons will sometimes be switched, so you better pay attention to these. Sometimes you will get tricked. When you will see the face up card, you will have to make a guess. Use logic to know what exactly you will have to press. For example, the Ace is the highest possible card. If you see one of these, the face down card will be certainly Evanu. If you find the lowest card, meaning 2, the face down card will probably be Tyranu, then. The more you play, the more Neopoints you will receive.

The more you stay in the game, the better amount of NP you will get. If you are successfully able to make 5 guesses, a total of 18 NP will be added to your total count. Making 10 guesses will award you with 156 NP. 15 guesses will give you a total of 408 NP. It is relatively hard to get to 20 guesses, but if you manage to do so, a total of 1,1116 NP will be added to your total count. Thirty points will give you 2,388 NP and forty, 4800 NP. It is very rare to see someone reach the 50 guesses mark, but whenever it happens, the person gets 7,200 NP and finally, upon reaching 52 guesses you will be awarded with 12,000 NP. This is the maximum amount you can get from a single game.

Neopets Tyranu Evanu Strategy & Cheats

Your main objective is to guess, but you can also use some of your intelligence to raise your chance of making the correct one. When the shown card is a low numbered one, you should go with Tyranu, even though sometimes the answer will be Evanu. For example, if you get a 2 all the way up to 5, pick Tyranu because the chance of the correct answer to be that is higher. If you get a 10 all the way up to Ace, meaning the highest cards, pick Evanu to increase your chance of winning. If you come across a six, a seven, an eighth or a nine, pick a random guess. There is no way to determine the correct answer for these, so all you can do is to guess randomly and hope to win. Most of the game is based on luck because there is no possible way to know if the card is higher or lower. The only time when you will be one hundred percent sure of the answer, is when the shown card is a 2 or an Ace. The rest is completely random, though you should not forget about the probabilities.

What you can do is to note the cards you come across from the deck. If you do that, you will be able to know, for example, to a big number of the higher cards are gone, so that you will prioritize the Evanu button, and vice versa. This game also has an avatar for you, if you manage to get a 15 correct guesses streak. Though, the number of time you are able to play it is not unlimited. A maximum of 20 rounds daily can be played and after that, you can restart the next day. Enjoy.

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