Neopets Plushie Tycoon

Plushie Tycoon
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Difficulty: Hard
Category: Puzzle
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Ever wanted to own your own business? Start here. You are the owner of a new Plushie Company. Your job is to make and sell as many plushies as possible. Neopians with the most money at the end are rewarded.


Beginning the game.

You’ll want to start out at the beginning of each month. Otherwise you won’t have as long to make money. New games start at the beginning of each mont. Don’t worry you’re neopoints aren’t used in the game. These are the game neopoints. You start out with 50,000 NP. You can do what you want with it from there.


The helpful first page.

This is a VERY helpful page in this game. It is the page that you will be directed to everytime you go back to your game. On this page you can find out where you stand. It has your cash on hand, the plushie tycoon time, when your rent is due, tips on what prices are down today, materials you have, and how many plushies you have produced so far. Check this everday.


Where your goods will be shipping, made, and sold.

You have to rent these. You have to remember to pay rent every so often. You can choose to expand these if necessary. You do different things in each. You’ll want to advertise your shop when you want more customers, you’ll want to hire good people in your factory and also start jobs, and finally in your warehouse you’ll want to ship off your finished plushies.


What is used to make your plushies?

Usually at the main page it says “Prices on something are down today. You might want to stock up.” You should definently buy lots of those today! Also you shouldn’t buy more than you need for one job. Prices change a lot so you should buy when they seem low. Also you can buy the quality items that you want. You shouldn’t always choose the worst one. If you don’t have much money just choose the middle one.


Who will be making your plushies?

There are many different attempts and exact ways to this that people have told me. I say try out different things for different jobs. If you find something that works, keep it. Don’t think that just because some people are cheaper that you should choose them. They don’t work very fast, or very well.


Who takes away your money?

If you don’t have money you can’t be taxed. So just be ready. You will know when he comes. The main screen will say it in red print. Don’t worry, there is nothing you can do to help this but give your money.


What you get out of the game.

To be a Plushie Tycoon you must have at least 50,000 NPs in your Tycoon account at the end of the game.
All Tycoons win a Trophy plus, the Plushie Tycoon avatar. NPs are awarded based on your Tycoon acccount, as follows:
Over 1,000,000 NPs wins 100,000 NPs.
Over 250,000 NPs wins 50,000 NPs.
Over 50,000 NPs wins 25,000 NPs.

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