Neopets Magma Blaster

In the game of Magma Blaster, you play as an Alien Aisha whose mission is to save the land of Tyrannian from being hit with rocks! Rocks, really. Rocks. Well, anyways, your mission in this game is to vaporize those pesky rocks in order to save the day! Magma Blaster can be a very time consuming game until you understand where to aim, how to aim, and when to shoot.


    The gameplay for this game is fairly simple, but it does take time to understand. The game is best played with the mouse, and not the touchpad as you do have to move quickly to shoot the flying boulders. You also have to play using the keyboard as well. You begin playing the game with five lives, which is represented by the citizens running below your cannon. If a rock falls close, or on top of one of them, you will lose a life. If it does not fall on a citizen, you will not lose a life. Simple right? Wrong, it’s more complicated than that. While playing, you will encounter six different rock types, all found on a different level. How do you shoot them you ask? Well, that is simple. The lens over the rotating rock circle shows you which rock type you can currently destroy. Press a rocks corresponding number in order to be able to shoot that rock. The following rock types are listed below:

Rock 1 1 Rock 2 2 Rock 3 3 Rock 4 4 Rock 5 5 Rock 6 6

Every rocky you destroy is worth either two, or four points. If the cannon is centered on the middle of the rock, which you will know as the surrounding portion of the rock will turn red, you will receive four points, and if it is green, you will receive two points.


There are a total of five levels in the game, each containing a bonus level. In order to advance to the next level, you will be required to shoot a certain number of rocks in order to move on to the next level. In order to achieve the bonus level, you are required to shoot a certain number of points to move to the bonus level. The following table below shows the scores required to move on.

Level number:

Rocks needed to advance

Points for bonus round

Level 1

10 rocks

40 points

Level 2

15 rocks

60 points

Level 3

20 rocks

80 points

Level 4

25 rocks

100 points

Level 5

30 rocks

120 points

Bonus Rounds

In order to obtain a trophy, which is all this game is good for, you are required to make it to as many bonus rounds as possible. It is easier to make the beginning ones, and if you do not, restart the game and try those ones again. If you play each bonus round the right way, you can earn about 50-70 points. Try not to focus on hitting them centered as you are only given 15 seconds each bonus round!

Magma Blaster is the best to play in the beginning of the month if you are looking for one of these:


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