Neopets Ghost Bopper

The ghosts of Neopets Ghost Bopper are coming out to get you! In Neopets Ghost Bopper you are bopping the graves of ghost Petpets before they raise out of the ground in Haunted Woods. Make sure that you use your number pad correctly as nasty surprises await you if you make mistakes!

How to Play Neopets Ghost Bopper:

When you press start ghosts will be coming out of their graves. You will be using your number pad to press the corresponding number associated with that grave. You need to be careful though, if you bop a skull or a non-ghost Petpet as well as a blank grave site you will lose a life. So watch out for those! You need to bop ghost Petpets, hearts and coins that appear. After the first level you will face harder obstacles; ghosts which you need to bop twice and then the numbers associated with the graves changing. So keep your eye out for that!

Bopping Ghosts

You will begin off with the graves looking exactly like your number pad.
So Ideally it would go

7   8   9
4   5  6
1   2   3

So in this picture above you would hit the 4,3 and 6.

(Note: The hearts down the bottom represent your health.)

The Ghost You will Encounter

There are many ghost you will encounter during this game.

These will appear in level one. You just need to bop them once to receive 1 point.

Introduced in level two these need two bops on the head for 2 points.

You will have to wait for level six to hit these three times for  3 points.

Hardest ones because on level eight they require four times bops for 4 points.

Other Items to Bob

There are Treasure Chests to bob which will be worth 10 points. They can contain a coin worth 20 points or a heart!
Hitting a coin outside of the chest will award you with an extra 20 points too, they are extremely quick though so be on your toes.
If you see a skull do not bop it. This will reduce your life by one.
Normal Neopets are not worth bopping either. You will lose another life if you bop those.
Also do not bop an empty space, once again, life will be lost.

One Level at a Time

There are 13 levels in this Ghost Bopper. At the start the number pad will be as normal but after every three levels the numbers will be swapped around so that will be levels 4,7,10 and 13. All levels will contain hearts and coins.

The first level will only contain the one hit ghosts.
Level two will have the two hit as well  as the one hit ghosts.
Level three will contain the skulls (remember do not hit them!)
Level four will contain treasure chests for the first time.
Level five has sneaky ghosts which can transform into normal Pets.
Level six will have the three hit ghosts.
Level eight has the four hit ghost.
Level thirteen is challenging. A skeleton will appear and you will have to hit the number that appears on them and you will get five points.

Neopets Ghost Bopper Cheats

  1. Try to rotate your keyboard as the game rotates. That will make it a lot easier.
  2. Turn off the sound to minimize any distractions (especially the sound once you lose a heart)
  3. Letting a ghost go will decrease your hearts as well.
  4. Hit the space bar when starting a game or else pressing a letter can cost you a life straight away!
  5. You will only have a maximum of 10 lives
  6. The moon will move from left to right as an indication as to how much longer you have in your level.4

Good luck with this game! You will need quite a bit of practice especially in the later levels when the number keys are backwards and many Petpets of different Bopping counts appear.

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