Neopets Roodoku

Neopets Roodoku is exactly the same as playing real life Sudoku. In Neopets Roodoku, you are the New treasurer, well… you need to fill in the application to become King Roo’s new one by completing the Roodoku. You will be testing your logic and quick thinking skills while playing this game. You can practice for no Neopoints or you can get into the real game to get points and aim for a new trophy!

When you first play you will see the following screen


The good thing about this game is that it is easy to turn on and off the sound and music. You can see the instructions or start the game.

To Play

To play Neopets Roodoku all you need is your Mouse you will be moving the cursor over the box and picking the number that fits into the box.  The objective of this game is to complete the grid of a of 9×9 area.  There will be a few number missing from each box and each row.  Firstly though you need to pick which one to play:

There is a choice of Practice, Easy, Medium or Hard. Always practice first if you are new to this game and if you are aiming for that trophy than you need to pick Hard.

The Levels


When you click hard you will see a grid like this. The aim of the game is to fit the numbers 1-9 into the box of 3×3 as well as the row and the column. No number can be repeated in those areas. So for example the image above has been drawn with the numbers that are needed to fill in that box. Underneath shows the numbers being placed in the box.

As you can see the “2” and the “8” have been added. You will then have to add in the rest of the numbers.


There is also a time bonus you can get for completing the level quickly.


The blocks left will tell you how many you have left to fill in the grid and the time bonus tells you how much bonus you would get when completing that level.

Neopets Roodoku Cheats

As mentioned, if you wish to get the trophy you need to play on hard.
If you find that you are staring at the screen for too long start all over again.
Do not restart the level as your time bonus will still be the same from the previous level.




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