Neopets Buried Treasure Guide

There is lots of fun to be had on Krawk Island, and that includes searchin’ for booty! Er– treasure, that is. Over at Buried Treasure, you can put down a little money for a chance to win BIG money, and more!


Buried Treasure is a very simple game. First, you must agree to pay 300np to play the game, which you can do every 3 hours. All of the people that play pay this, and it all going into a cumulative jackpot (that begins at 1 million NP) that will go to the next winner!
NOTE: During the month of November, Buried Treasure only costs 150np to play, and on Neopets’ birthday (November 15th), Buried Treasure is free!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.45.30 PMThe possible winnings here are the cumulative jackpot of 2,845,550 NP! Wish me luck. 😉

This next part is easy as pie: you simply click anywhere on the map. You do not have to choose a specific scroll — you can click between them, or on the outsides of them.

For those who are just playing for the random prizes and even the highly elusive avatar, where exactly you chose on the board is not very important. These are random, so just keep playing and eventually you’ll get what you’re seeking! For those seeking the jackpot, head down to the “Cheats” section of this guide for some tips.


There are four possible prizes you could receive:

  • Neopoints (1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 5,000, or 20,000 Neopoints)
  • Random items (including “Booby prizes”)
  • Avatar
  • Nothing

Avatar – Aisha Scalawag

Randomly awarded when playing Buried Treasure.

Item Prizes

Buried Burger

Maggoty Spud
One Dubloon Coin
Rancid Old Meat

Rock Baby Cabbages

Snout Plant

Spongy Mound

Yellow Growth


The reason that you can click anywhere on the board instead of the specific pieces of paper is because the board is made up of a lot of specific coordinates (based on the pixels). When you click somewhere on the map and you’re redirected to the screen in which you receive your prize (or not…), the URL looks like this,109

Look at the last two numbers of this URL: 111 and 109. These are the coordinates that you clicked on! This matters for a couple of reasons. First, there is suspicion that the treasure tends to move across the board. Users that are seeking the Treasure of the Black Pawkeet often keep track of this in the Games Chat, so it can be smart to check there before playing, especially if you’re looking to make some money! You would be able to go directly to the prize page with whichever coordinates you’d want — simply change the coordinates in the URL above and copy/paste it in to your URL bar!

For those seeking the jackpot, this is a good way of executing a prediction as to where the treasure may be!


  • Because this is a daily that awards Neopoints and items, Buried Treasure cannot be played on side accounts. To learn more about what you can and cannot do on side accounts, check out our Side Accounts Guide.

Author: Sarah

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