Neopets Kass Basher

Difficulty: Medium | Category: Action | Ratio: 0.91 Points = 1 NP


Kass Basher is an easy to learn Action game that allows you take all of your frustrations out on an innocent plushie who has been modeled after the not-so-innocent evil Lord Kass. After everything he did to Meridell it is no surprise that the locals decided to set up a batting range in his honor. In this game, you have the use the controls to hit the plushie with one of three bats found on one of the three difficulty levels. The distance in which the plushie travels amounts to the points received at the end of the round, and you only get one shot to hit the object per game. If you get a high enough score, you could win a trophy, or even the Kass Basher avatar!


Neopets Kass Basher Instructions

229_whack01.gifYou control a blue Blumaroo who has stepped up to the batting plate somewhere in Meridell. He is positioned underneath a tree, and on the overhanging branch is the Lord Kass Plushie that you must hit across the field in order to win. You use the left mouse button or spacebar to drop the plushie from the tree, and then hit either button again to swing before it reaches the ground. In the bottom left corner you can find the wind speed indicator, which can drastically effect how far the object travels. The wind changes constantly throughout the round, reaching anywhere from the highest speed of 9MPH or the lowest speed -9MPH. The flag attached to the branch shows in which direction the wind is blowing: positive numbers blow from right to left, and negative numbers blow from left to right.


When you start the game, you are given the choice between three difficulty levels in which you can play. However, each stage has to be unlocked by playing the previous one and achieving the desired score. Each difficulty gives you a different batting weapon, and the speed in which the plushie falls from the branch increases with the harder the game gets. Below is a list of each level, what type of battling tool you use, as well as the score needed to unlock it.



Batting Tool



Easy Mode




Unlocked at Start of Game


Normal Mode


Wooden Stick


Reach a distance of 175 meters on Easy Mode to unlock.


Hard Mode


Spiked Club


Reach a distance of 450 meters on Normal Mode to unlock.


Randomly during the game, you may also encounter the Blumaroo to be holding a tree as the bat. This is a very uncommon event but can help you reach a score worthy of the High Scores Table. So when this appears, make sure not to waste the opportunity! Additionally, you can also control how taunt the cape of the plushie is while it is flying through the air. To do this, you simply hold down the proper button to keep the cape down, and release to let it flap in the wind. By utilizing this feature properly, you can increase the distance in which the plushie travels. You can also click the mouse or hit the spacebar as the plushie lands to create an extra bounce.


Neopets Kass Basher Scoring

As stated earlier, you only get one chance to hit the plushie per game. The moment it hits the ground, or after the final bounce, the round is ended and you can either send your score or try again. After you hit the object with your bat it will soar through the air over the field. There will be markers on the ground that indicate how far it has traveled. Once the plushie comes to a complete stop on the ground a little helpful Turtum will arrive to mark its place. You can make him hurry up and go a little faster by clicking anywhere on the screen. The Turtum can also sometimes be replaced by a Drackonak. This happens when you click on a small rock that appears near the 820 meter mark, and he will then be the petpet that marks your spot. Doing this will in no way alter your score or the game, but it is a fun little thing to do if you’ve mastered Kass Basher already. The scoring system of this game is simple to say the least. If you hit the plushie 372 meters, you have 372 points and so forth.


Neopets Kass Basher Tips

If you are attempting a high score, it is best to always play on Hard Mode. In this difficulty, you are given a spiked club that can whack the kass harder and farther than the batting tools before it.


In order to achieve the highest possible score you must hit the plushie as far as it can go in one shot. This is done easier by making sure you hit the object in just the right time on just the right spot. The majority of players suggest waiting until you can whack the tip of the Kass’ beak, or after it reaches the tip of the Blumaroo’s ears. This allows the bat to connect almost perfectly with the plushie and send it soaring! It will give you a great angle and even better elevation so that you have the opportunity to manipulate the landing. This is best done with practice, as the speed in which the plushie falls differs from each difficulty. Where you may master whacking the beak on normal, hard mode can prove a more difficult challenge.


Another thing to note is that the wind speed can drastically effect how far the plushie will travel. You should always wait until the speed indicator is at the highest possible point: 9MPH. If the wind starts low and continues to drop, with no rise in sight, it is best to start the game over and try again. Usually it will fluctuate anywhere from two to three speeds either way, so it is best to shoot for a higher number to begin with, and then wait for it to reach its peak.


The moment the plushie has been sent flying, remember to hold down the left mouse button or spacebar the keep the cape taunt and secure. This will allow the object to soar freely as it is more aerodynamic, greatly lessening the drag from the air. Once the plushie has stopped ascending you may release the button and let him slowly descend toward the ground. Letting the cape flap around as it falls allows the plushie to travel farther by catching the wind drafts. When the object is finally reaching the ground (hopefully a great distance away from the starting point) you can still manage to squeeze in a few more meters. You can bounce the plushie by pressing and holding your desired button the moment it touches down, and then releasing again once it stops ascending, much like when you first hit it. Do this until you can bounce it no longer and it comes to a complete stop. It is possible to achieve a total of six possible bounces if done correctly.


Neopets Kass Basher Avatar

Whack-A-KassThere is a chance to obtain an avatar while playing this game! Though not entirely difficult, you need to know the best tricks in order to hit the required score of 850 points. The best way to get this avatar is to follow the tips listed below. You can follow them in detail by reading the above section.


  • Play on Hard Mode difficulty with the Spiked Club.
  • Wait until the wind speed is at 9MPH.
  • Hit the plushie across the beak.
  • Keep the cape taunt when ascending, let it free while falling.
  • Try to bounce the plushie each time it hits the ground.



You are now well on your way to becoming a Kass Bashing champion! With the tips, tricks, and knowledge learned in this guide it will be a piece of cake to get that trophy you’ve been dreaming of. Just remember to have fun while you’re at it, and make that evil Lord Kass pay for everything he has done to the people of Meridell.


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