Crafting Faerie Quests Guide

The newest quest-giver to join the Faerieland bunch is Delina, the Crafting Faerie. She requires cheap NC items from the mall and gives you NC wearables in return.


Like the other faeries, Delina requires items in order to grant you her faerie blessing. Uniquely, Delina requires not one, but two items! Both are available in the NC Mall and Faerie Quest Shop. She always asks for two items that amount to a total worth of 150 NC. Depending on the items she requests, there are corresponding prizes.

To complete Delina’s quest, simply purchase the items she requests and return to the quests page.
You also have the option of canceling the quest at no penalty, which you can also do on the quests page.

While the older items are available to purchase, the current crafting quests (using the above items) give the following prizes:

 Item 1 +  Item 2 = Quest Prize

Highlighted Flower Garland

Bright Flower Cutout Background

Colourful Flower Dress

Fabric Flowers Foreground

Highlighted Fabric Skirt


Fringed Fabric Cardigan


While Delina does not ask for these items anymore, they are still available for purchase at the NC Mall. The following is the history of quests she has given since becoming available:

Spring 2014

Delina asked for Bunch of Tulle, Rainbow Sleigh Balls, Balls of Yarn, and Colourful Ink Bottles.

Item 1 + Item 2 = Quest Prize

Tulle and Bells Cape

Tulle and Yarn Tutu

Flashy Tulle Wig

Bright Yarn and Bells Garland

Vibrant Bell Gate

Colourful Yarn Sweater

Fall 2013

Delina asked for Glass Pieces, Jar of Beads, Safety Pins, and Scrapbooking Paper.

Item 1 + Item 2 = Quest Prize

Mosaic Bead Wings

Safety Pin Mosaic Wig

Mosaic Paper Tree Foreground

Beaded Pin Skirt

Beaded Paper Background

Pins and Paper Necklace

Spring 2013

Delina asked for Bottle of Glue, Colourful Feathers, Jar of Buttons, and Rolls of Felt.

Item 1 + Item 2 = Quest Prize

Feather Flower Garden Foreground

Button Town Background

Blobikins Handheld Plushie

Feather Button Tree

Feather Wig and Felt Accessory

Felt and Button Jumper

Fall 2012

Delina asked for Dye Bottles, Jar of Cotton, Tree Sap, and Bunch of Straw.

Item 1 + Item 2 = Quest Prize

Delicate Dyed Cotton Wings

Dyed Tree Sap Staff

Woven Straw Dress

Tree Sap and Cotton Wig

Cotton and Straw Dreamland Background

Kacheek Scarecrow

Winter 2012

Delina asked for Bottles of Glitter, Spools of Trim, Stack of Zippers, and Quilting Squares.

Item 1 + Item 2 = Quest Prize

Glitter and Trim Wig

Glittery Zipper Wings

Patchwork Chia Glitter Plushie

Quilted Dress with Trim

Quilted Zippers Background

Trim and Zipper Tree

Fall 2011

Delina asked for Pile of Gems, Spools of Satin Ribbon, Tissue Paper Assortment, and Wood Shavings.

Item 1 + Item 2 = Quest Prize

Gem and Ribbon Necklace

Tissue Paper Gem Dress

Wood and Gems Wig

Tissue Paper Ribbon Garland

Tissue Paper Wood Wings

Satin Ribbon Wood Staff

Spring/Summer 2011

Delina asked for Copper Wire, Pieces of Metal, Silk Flowers, and Spools of Silk Thread.

Item 1 + Item 2 = Quest Prize

Inside a Clock Tower Background

Flower and Wire Garland

Woven Silk Wings

Braided Metal Umbrella with Silk Flowers

Silk Stitched Metal Jacket

Silk Wig with Flowers


  • Delina’s quests are random events and cannot be acquired through Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies.
  • Bonus quests were offered in Delina’s workshop for a limited time in 2011.

Author: Sarah

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