Neopets Gourmet Club Bowls

Gourmet Club Bowls
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Difficulty: Easy
Category: Action
Related Avatars: Score 900+

NP Ratio: 100NP: 100PT

Tips: Type “shepherd” on the main screen to gain double the points.


A basic overview to the guide

This game is kind of like bowling with several differences. You play against opponents. You each get to throw (more like roll) one of your bowls or balls (yours are red) down the playing field. Your goal is to try and get it your ball closest to the jack (the white ball) and to prevent your opponent’s ball being the closest. You can prevent that by trying to knock your opponent’s bowls out of play. Your opponent may do the same to you. If you knock the jack out of play on your turn your opponent gets 2 points. At the end of each round, points are awarded depending on the number of bowls in play that you have nearest to the jack. Look at the standing to find out the number of points you get. So if the standing was: RED, BLUE, BLUE, RED. Then RED gets 1 point, BLUE — zero. If standing was: BLUE, BLUE, BLUE, RED. Then RED gets zero, BLUE gets 3 points. To win the round and get to the next round, you need to score 7 points before your opponent does.


Here are the controls of the game…

You use your mouse in the game to control the ball (or bowl). To throw your ball, click on the ball and hold the mouse button down. Then drag your mouse, the more you drag back the more power your throw is. Release the mouse button when you think you aimed in the proper place and used the proper power.


Anymore information about the game you might need to know
  • Roll your mouse cursor over the balls (or bowls) to see their distance from the jack.
  • As you progress through the levels and rounds, things will start to appear on the playing field. These items can interfere with your bowl’s roll. Be careful!


Things to help you play the game a lot easier

The trick to winning the game is to knock all your opponent’s bowls out, unless your opponent goes last in the match, then you can’t knock the last one out. Here is a trick to better increase your aim. Put your mouse cursor on the bowl (ball) of your opponent right before he releases it. Don’t move the mouse cursor until your turn and just click, drag, and release with full power. It works perfectly.

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