Neopets Kitchen Quests

Before a pirate’s curse destroyed Maraqua, this flotsam chef had served the Royal Family. Now even with the arrival of New Maraqua there was also the arrival of the new Kelp Restaurant, so the poor guy’s stuck on Mystery Island cooking food for Mumbo Pango! And unless he makes the demands of the pagan demigod he’ll be turned into soup! O_O (or at least… it’s implied…) You’re not going to leave the flotsam to such a cruel fate, are you? ARE YOU?

“Naturally, working in a kitchen means I need lots of food for ingredients.”

Unlike faerie quests, the Flotsam Chef waits for you to come to him for a quest. He gives you a time limit (he does have a schedule after all) and usually asks for more than one item but he’ll let you use the Shop Wizard. Once you’ve finished, he’ll reward you with some neopoints and an item or some stats for your neopet.

Above is a list of some obtainable-only-from-kitchen-quests items. If you’re really lucky you might receive one as an award. His quests aren’t always worth the time and money, but if you’re training you should try to do ten a day to get some cheap stats.

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