Neopets Swashbuckling Academy

Neopets Swashbuckling Academy is where you will have to go, as a starter BD pet, to train and get better. There, you will find the captain, Cap’n Threelegs the White Eyrie who is the responsible of the courses. If you try to train your pet during the 15th day of November, when it is Neopets birthday, you will be given a free training. Neopets Swashbuckling Academy also offers free training when it is x pet specie anniversary. Of course, you do not want to wait a year every time you want to train, and for this reason, you will have to pay the pirate. Not with NP, though, but with Dubloons that can be earned or brought trough the Shop Wizard.


When you visit Krawk Island, and you would like to purchase something, you will not do so with NP, but with dubloons. Not all dubloons are the same and they will vary depending of their worth. During the Academy, you will only be able to use a One Dubloon Coin, a Two Dubloon Coin and a Five Dubloon Coin. The other Dubloon coins will not be available for you to use there, but you may be wondering what they actually are. Dubloons can be obtained through Coltzan’s Shrine, Anchor Management and through the Shop Wizard, which is where the supply is so high that you will almost always find them. Below is a list that shows all the Dubloons respectively for you to know, along with their respective prices.

One Dubloon Coin – Usually 400 NP
Two Dubloon Coin – 500 NP
Five Dubloon Coin – 1,400 NP
Ten Dubloon Coin – 1,800 NP
Twenty Dubloon Coin – 3,600 NP
Fifty Dubloon Coin – 9,500 NP
One Hundred Dubloon Coin – 18,700 NP
Two Hundred Dubloon Coin – 39,500 NP
Five Hundred Dubloon Coin – 96,500 NP
One Thousand Dubloon Coin – 250,000 NP

You may also wondering if it is better for you to purchase Dubloons for the Swashbuckling Academy, or to hunt Codestones which are the Principal Mystery Island Training School currency. With Dubloons being cheaper, it is recommended that you start there until you reach at least level 20. That way, you will be guaranteed to save a good amount of NP, if you’re a new player who still doesn’t have a lot of NP. After that, it will be recommended to use Codestones in Mystery Island to train your pet, because the courses there will be much more faster, giving you the possibility to earn a lot of health, strength, defense, agility or level points in a single day.


In order to train there, you will, firstly, have to bring Dubloons with you. On the main page, you will find several sections that will be explaining below.

The Main section is the main page of the Swashbuckling Academy and this is where the pirate will be saying some random stuff. It is not really important.

The Courses section is where you will have to click to see the paying price (in Dubloons) for the pet you’re looking to train. Simply, at the bottom left of the page, select the name of your pet and you will see the number of Dubloons you will have to train your pet with and how long it will take for you to complete that course. Note that if your level is not high enough, you will have to prioritize it first, otherwise you will see an error message telling you that you must do so in order to train other points.

The Status page is where you can see your pets, and if they are training or not. You can train all the pets you have at the same time, if you wish. There, if your pet(s) is/are training or are waiting to get trained, you will be able to view the time left for their courses to complete or to pay the owed Dubloon(s) to Cap’n Threelegs.

The Sayings page will only show you Cap’n Threelegs himself with some bla bla. It is not important.

The Leave button will get you back to the map of Krawk Island.

New people tend to forget to actually pay the pirate. The mentioned sections above are there for you to also know that you will have to pay. When you select a course, you will have to go to the status page where you will pay the pirate. It is important to do so, unless you don’t want to actually start the course, which is strange. If you’re not sure about the left time for your course to finish, you can also go there to check. Since the Swashbuckling Academy will allow you to cancel a training course if you still haven’t paid, you will be able to cancel if you feel that you would like to save some more NP or you have sent the wrong pet there.

Cost of the Courses

Now you already know that you will have to pay with Dubloons, but how many exactly? How many will you have to bring with you?

The Sea Urchin is the first course type, for beginner pets at level 10 and under, where it will cost you a total of 1 Dubloon to to start it. The course there will take 4 hours to complete.

The Deckhand is the available course once your pet reaches level 11-20. There, you will have to pay 2 Dubloons and wait 6 hours for the course to complete.

The Pirate course is when your pet reaches level 21-30. There, the price will start becoming approximately 1,400 NP per course and you will have to wait a total of 8 hours for successful completion of the course.

The last course type available in the Swashbuckling Academy is the Cap’n, and there your pet will be at level 31 to 40. The price doesn’t chance for your own benefit, so it will remain at 5 Dubloons. However, the time will increase to 10 hours for the course to successfully complete.

Once your pet reaches level 40, and all the maximum health, defense, strength, agility and level points associated with that rank, he will be too strong for the Swashbuckling Academy and will have to find another place to train (preferably in Mystery Island).


Every time you complete a course, you will be rewarded with one point for what you’ve trained for. However, sometimes a SUPER BONUS message will appear and will award you with 2 points instead of one. On very, very rare occasions, 3 points will be awarded and that is if you’re extremely lucky. Some people have reported to have received 4 points, but this is unlikely to happen.

Why train?

You will have to train your pet to boost its stats, which means its health, strength, defense, agility and level. The Battledome offers no mercy, this is the principal reason why you want to train up. You want to win most / every battles you will be doing.

What should I train first?

When it comes to training, you should always focus on your level first. Know that the maximum amount of strength, defense or agility points are based on your level. The maximum amount of points you can train these up to is 2 times your level. If, for example, your pet is level 10, then it will be 10 x 2 = 20. 20 points of strength, defense and agility can be acquired from training courses. As for health, it will be three times your level.

Note that you should never go above the maximum number, or you will have to raise your level then even if you still haven’t raised the other stats. For example, at level 10, don’t get 21 strength points, because even if you are still at level 10, you will not be able to train up agility, defense, or hit points. To do so, you will have to start by increasing your level and you do not want that simply because the courses will then become pricier and will take more time to complete. For that reason, always respect the limit and train strength, defense, and agility (if you’re going after agility. Refer to the BD Guide to see why agility is not important for many players) points respectively, then HP. After that, raise up your level.

Finally, a couple of Avatars can be received from the Swashbuckling Academy.

Visiting room 45 in the Swashbuckling Academy will earn you the Pirate! – Aisha Avatar.

Visiting room 45 in the Swashbuckling Academy will earn you the Pirate! – Krawk Avatar.

Visiting room 2 in the Swashbuckling Academy will earn you the Pirate! – Scorchio Avatar.

Visiting room 2149 in the Swashbuckling Academy will earn you the Pirate! – Shoyru Avatar.

Upon successful completion of one course at the Swashbuckling Academy, you will receive the Cap’n Threelegs Avatar.

Have fun training.

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