Neopets Healing Springs

Neopets Healing Springs is a free source of healing that is offered for your Neopets. Neopets Healing Springs depends of the abilities of the Faerie Queen when you visit her. You can happen to get your Neopets fully healed just like each of them can only earn three points.


Neopets Healing Springs will not only heal you, but sometimes you will be awarded with a healing potion that can be used to heal your pet or to be as an equipment for the Battledome. When you visit Marine (the Faerie Queen) and she heals your pets, sometimes she will also be able to make them satiated and not hungry anymore. She is even capable of curing several diseases. September 20 is where the Faerie Festival takes place. At that specific time, she will heal all of your pets to restore all of their points. Some of the disease will require you to buy a heavily overpriced item to cure your pet. This is why Neopets Healing Springs is where you should go.

During few occasions, she will also give you a snowball. Note that what she gives you or the number of HP that will be healed is all random. If she says that your Neopets receive X number of HP, and they are already at their maximum, they will be able to get over healed. For example, if your pet has 15/15 hp and she says that all of your Neopets receive a heal of 8 points, that pet will become at 23/15 HP. Unfortunately, it is not as helpful as it was before, because the new Battledome will not take into consideration the amount of over healed HP you got. It will make them fall to 15/15 again when you start a battle.

Neopets Healing Springs Shop

This shop is special because it will not restock. The amount of stock it has is basically infinite, of course, because the Healing Springs are just near Marina. Sometimes you will have to compare the prices before purchasing anything because since these prices never change, the Shop Wizard will sometimes have the same item(s) priced for lower. You can not, however, purchase as many items as you want during the same time. You will have to wait 30 minute to make your next purchase, which means every time you will want to buy something, you will be aware of the 30 minutes intervals. Below is the list of items, placed in their current order, that Marina sells in her shop:

Healing Potion I
Healing Potion II
Healing Potion III
Healing Potion IV
Healing Potion V
Healing Potion VI
Healing Potion VII
Healing Potion VIII
Healing Potion IX
Healing Potion X
Lime Elixir
Pale Elixir
Healing Potion XI
Healing Potion XII
Wet Snowball
Poison Snowball
Super Strength Healing Potion
Dewberry Reviver
Bubbling Healing Goo
Essence of Everlasting Apple
Sticky Snowball
Icy Snowball
Exploding Snowball
Peach Snowbal

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