Neopets Advert Attack

Advert Attack
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Difficulty: Medium
Category: Action
Related Avatars: Score 550+

NP Ratio: 100NP per 100PT

Tips: Type “nopopups” to clear all the pop ups.


Instructions to the game…

This is a very straightforward game. You, Ace Zafara, are racing against a Race Robot. Click on the “Go!” buttons to move forward and one step farther to winning the race. Be warned, it isn’t that simple! Just like surfing on the net, you’ll encounter pop-ups! And, no you can’t prevent them with your pop-up blocker… Sorry! Click on the Close (x) button to close them. Move the ads around, if you have to, to close them. As you move on to each level, these ads will be bigger and will pop-up more often.


Got tips?
  • Don’t mind the ads and pop-ups if they are not blocking your “Go!” buttons.
  • There is a time bonus in this game. As the seconds go by, the bonus will decrease.
  • Be careful not to click on the ads. It will just cause more pop ups.
  • The “Security Warning” pop-up with the Krawk and the “Neomail Alert” pop-up can be closed by click on “No.”
  • If a pop-up blocks the top part of the screen, where the ships are racing. Don’t bother closing them. Just concentrate on the “Go!” button and close any ads.
  • Keep your mouse at the middle of the bottom part after each click. So it can help save some time.

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