Neopets Chariot Chase

In Neopets Chariot Chase you are racing around as quickly as you can. Do not hit the other people in Neopets Chariot Chase or you may lose the game!

You are versing six other chariots in this brutal fast-paced figure eight course. Do not hit the other competitors or you will not just lose a life you may lose the game. Hit them four times as it is game over!

 How do you play?

The aim of this survival game is to travel around the course as many times as possible. You are not racing against a clock at all in this game instead you are seeing how many times you can go around this course. So you can take your time.

To play you need your keyboard. The controls are simple enough. Using your arrows keys (up, down, left and right) control the chariot around the figure-eight.

(Note: holding down on the up key will make your chariot max speed so be careful!)

Only full laps will count towards your score so keep going if you want that Gold trophy.

Power Up What it does
  When activated the other players will slow down
  You will be invisible as long as you are on the cloud
  Beware! Hitting this will make you go off track
  Force field shield for a short amount of time.

Playing Chariot Chase

Select either Electric or Faerie just because of the starting positions. It doesn’t give you much of an advantage point but it does decrease your chances from being hit by the other players at the start – losing lives is not what you want in this game!

When you begin this game a 5 second counter will appear to count down you need to see where you are on the map and push forward so that you are not hit straight away. Staying close to the wall especially if you are electric will help. If you keep getting hit in the first lap then restart the game.

Initially what you want is in the first lap to get ahead of everyone else. This is the hardest lap in the entire game. Once you are out you should be able to keep going until you eventually give up in boredom.

Each computer generated chariot will go the exact same pattern around the course. So it is beneficial for you to memorize how they will go so when they get close to you, you would be able to shake them off easily.


Neopets Chariot Chase Cheats

If you miss a power up sometimes it is a good idea to start going backwards to get it so that you can actually use it.

The only difference between Normal and hard is the speed of the players and the scoring. Normal is for practicing and hard is if you want a trophy.

At the top of the track is a safe point in case someone is threatening to hit you go to the top and they should pass you.

If you see a clock power up make sure you are not going full power into it if you are close to other chariots.

Pull over to the side if the other chariots are too close to you. Making sure you are out of harm’s way though.

At the intersection look both ways.

An finally check the high score table to see how many laps you need to beat for one of the trophies.

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