Neopets Fountain Faerie Quests

Have you ever wondered what it looks like to get a Fountain Quest? Want to know what happens when you do get a quest? Hopefully this walkthrough can answer your questions.

To visit the Rainbow Fountain, click here.

Getting the Quest

Getting a Fountain Quest is a very rare event. It comes in the form of a regular faerie quest, so if you didn’t do your last quest, or have completed one recently, you need to visit this page. It should say “You don’t have a quest!!! You must wait for us to give you one!” If so, you are eligible for a Fountain Quest!

Completing the Quest

Now, in order to receive your free ticket to the Rainbow Fountain, you have to get the item the faerie wants. It can be anything from plushies to trading cards, and is usually unbuyable. On some occasions, though, you may get lucky and get a very cheap item.

If you are having second thoughts about going to buy an unbuyable item, think about this: Is the color I want from the fountain worth more than the item? If so, then you’re saving a lot of money! (For this quest, I paid 100k for a trading card, and got a Maraquan paint job out of it, which would cost 800k to buy the paint brush alone.) Once you have your item, go to this page to give it in.

Claiming Your Reward

Once you have turned in your item, it’s time to claim your reward and get your pet painted a spiffy new color! To do that, simply go to Faerieland and visit the Rainbow Fountain. To paint a pet, set it as your active pet in Quick Ref, and visit the Fountain to choose the color.

Your New Paint Job!

Congratulations! By now your pet should have obtained a spiffy new paint job! And if you are an avatar freak, you can paint a Buzz any color to get the Buzzin’ avatar.

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