Neopets Jumpin’ Gem Heist

Neopets Jumpin’ Gem Heist is a game where you control a petpet, trying to stop a miner from taking gems from the mine. If you’re lucky enough to get a high score, Jumpin’ Gem Heist will reward you with this shiny trophy.


Playing Guide




You can move your character (a Sandan, a type of petpet) around on the screen by moving your mouse, and you can throw a stone upwards by clicking.


What you’re supposed to do is use your stones to hit the baskets moving above you. Contained in the baskets are gems, as well as rocks. Hitting a basket will knock the contents free; you should then maneuver your petpet to collect the gems as they fall, but avoid the rocks. If you get hit by a rock, you’ll be stunned temporarily.


Falling Things


This orange gem, the smallest gem out of the four types, will give you a hundred points each time you collect one.


This blue gem will award you two hundred points when you grab one.


Grabbing a purple gem will earn you three hundred points.


The biggest gem of them all, the green gem, is worth five hundred points.


Sometimes, there will be a stone in the baskets. You should collect this, because you only start the game with three stones. If you drop them all, you lose the game; collecting these extra ones can help you keep going. If you’re good at the game and don’t drop your stones, though, then collecting extra ones will give you 750 points apiece when you have your stone counter full.


Clocks are an invaluable part of this game if you want a high score. Because your game only lasts one hundred seconds without these time bonuses, it’ll be very difficult to score high without them. Each clock adds five seconds to your timer, which may not seem like much, but they really add up. Don’t let them go by without at least trying to get them.


Rocks can be in the baskets too. These are the only things that you don’t want to grab, because they’ll render you unable to move for a few seconds. If you hit a basket that held these and gems, be careful not to get hit by the rocks as you weave around to grab the gems.


Your Score


The only things that can boost your score are gems, extra stones, and the consecutive bonus. You earn this bonus every time you grab five gems in a row, without letting any hit the ground. Once a gem hits the ground, your combo is broken. Every bonus you earn is worth one thousand points, so they can really bump your score. You can earn unlimited bonuses in the game, as long as you keep getting chains of grabbed gems.




To get as long of a game as possible, you need to get a lot of clocks (which does make this game a little dependent on luck). To get as high of a score as possible, you need to get lots of consecutive bonuses. Focus on letting any gems drop, and don’t let clocks go across the screen without getting them.


Sometimes, the screen will say there are falling rocks; sure enough, rocks will fall from the top of the screen. Just like the rocks from the baskets, don’t let them hit you.


There’s no penalty for not hitting baskets, so if there’s an empty one (or, if it’s later in the game, if they don’t have many gems inside them), just let it go.


When you’ve gotten high enough of a score, the baskets start moving more quickly. This is actually a good thing – you can sometimes hit two baskets at the same time, which is good; or you can hit one basket, and then immediately hit another, before starting to grab the falling stuff.


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