Neopets Snowmuncher

Starting off:
This game concept is really easy. You will be able to get the avatar within no time if you follow these easy instructions. You also have the opportunity to get a nifty avatar when you score 5000+ points. So whether you are a first time player or you have been struggling to achieve such a high score I hope this will help you get that avatar! (Or a trophy!)

How do you play this game?:
Have your keyboard ready! You are needing to use the arrow keys to control the Polarchuck and the space bar for him to eat the block that is underneath him (except for the ice!!) Once you press “Play Game” you will be able to see on the top on the right hand side the;Score, Bloated percentage, Time remaining and how many lives you have left. All of these you need to keep an eye out for.

Bloat Percentage:

This is something you need to look out for. Every block you each is 5% but a bolder is worth 10% so be careful. Once you reach 100% and fail to reduce the amount you will lose a life. You want to get the Polarchuck to the bottom of the screen by eating the blocks under him and reducing his bloating by the red potion that is hidden down the screen. Each level will tell you how many metres down there are. One block down will equal one metre. When you are getting bloated your Polarchuck picture will be getting fatter and you need to reduce the percentage. To do this you must have a red potion.

These can be hidden either side of the map so you need to make sure that when you see it and if you have enough time and bloated percentage left you can get it to reduce it back down to 50%. Remember: Every time you each a block the bloat level will go up by 5% but with the bricks, they take two bites to eat so that means it will go to 10% once you are through (so maybe try to avoid those ones if you can.)

Coloured Snow:

You will come across different colours of snow; red, blue and green. However, as you go further into the levels orange will be joining too. The colours do not correspond with certain points so they are all worth the same. If you are just going for the avatar you should only have those ones but if not you will be facing more, which means it will be more difficult to achieve. So remember every time you eat a block of snow you increase your bloatage percentage by 5% so what you want to try and achieve is eating blocks that have the same colour around them. For example if you eat a pink block and it is surrounded by pink those pink blocks will disappear too but this only adds 5% which is what you want.

So if my Polarchuck was to eat those pink on the left then blocks above would fall down (do not stand underneath falling blocks or you will lose a life!) and I can also go back to my left and get my red potion that reduces my Bloatage percentage.

(Tip: If you have a red potion next to you, each more blocks to reach 50% then have the potion- which you are also keeping an eye on the time.)

How to get more points:

So throughout playing you will see gems around these come in green

and the harder ones come in purple. To get the green ones you just need to walk into them to get an extra 100 points. Make sure though that once you get that gem the blocks above it won’t squish you making you lose a life! The purple ones as I said, are harder to get. Once you reach the second level you will see frozen worm like things in the ice. You need to wake it up by eating the snow underneath it. Then the worm will come alive.

Once he worm is destroyed ( or if you can dodge the slow moving worm) you can go grab the gem for an extra 200 points. If the worm does get you, you will lose a life. Remember 3 lives gone and you are out to start again.

(Tip: When eating the same coloured block wait a second to see if the above blocks would take away any additional ones once they drop you can see this by the white outlinning of them)

In the game as well you may come across Eyeballs, Grapes and clocks encased in ice. You need to deal with these the same you would the worm. Eat the block underneath to open it up and grab the item. Clock= more time, Eyeball and Grapes = points (less than gems.) Most times it isn’t worth getting the additional points because of the bloatage percentage that will increase by going over to them and eating the block underneath.

Now How Do I play?

That my friend is easy to do.

Just one thing though, practice does make perfect. I achieved the avatar about my 10th go at this game. You just need to practice level one a few times to understand how the blocks will fall. That is the basic step, not getting squished by a falling block and learning to get out of the way.

At the start you are faced with lines of the same colour and a red potion in sight or a few under. Press the space bar to each the blocks and also wait for a few seconds to see where you fall to/ where the blocks fall to too.

Sometimes you will need to quickly move. So practice this in level one so that you can eat a block get a gem then quickly move out of the way for the falling blocks above you.
Don’t go to quick in the first level too. You only need to reach 50m down which is 50 blocks down. So take your time!
You want to as well try to get combos that is four or more of the same colour block. That is the best way to achieve a high score especially if you are going for the trophy.

Levels Explained:

If you wish to get the avatar or trophy (really that is why you are reading this guide) you then want to score as many points as you can in level 1. To do this keep an eye on the time and the bloating levels of your Polarchuck. This level is great to get lots of points as the red potions are everywhere and you can get quite a few combos and green gems which is lucky. I would try to aim higher than 500 points for this part. The higher you can get the easier it will be in the future. Also aim high for this beginning level.

The second level is the same. But now you have the opportunity to get the purple gems too. Remember this is done by eating the blocks under the frozen worm and NOT GETTING EATEN!
You will have to watch out for your bloat level and remember to get those red potions when you see them. Once you are happy and about to finish by reaching the bottom. Take some time to eat the blocks around you to get more points.

(Tip: A great way to get lots of points in this level is to get all the way to the bottom and let the timer run out. This allows you to restart the level with the same amount of points you have and obtain more. Doing this you should get over 1900 points quite easily. So let the timer run out and do not bloat yourself instead, that only allows you to reset from where you last ate which is pointless.)

I find it really easy to do level two a few times so just eat blocks, get gems, watch your bloat percentage and then make the timer run out. This will allow you to get a lot of points and a whole lot of practice under your belt. Once again do not let your Polarchuck bloat. This will ruin the strategy. You want to only let the timer run out twice as well. No more or you will have to start all over again from the beginning.

Once you get to level 3 you should have a lot of points roughly around 4000. In this level you just want to survive. So get all the gems that are around you. Don’t venture off to try and get the purple gem from the other side of the screen. Just get through the level and onto the next one.

The forth level if you need to be at this stage is the same. Get through it carefully. You don’t want to die at all Dying means that it is game over and yes, you will have to start from the beginning again.

Snowmuncher Cheats:

Pretty much every game has that cheat code so you can use this one to reduce your bloat level by 50% very handy in level 3 when you are trying to go all the way down to level four. So type

4 u’s and 8 r’s

This will be very helpful to use when you are just aiming for the avatar. Good luck and hopefully you are able to achieve this one in a short amount of time!

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