Neopets Mystery Island Training School

Neopets Mystery Island Training School is where you can get your pet to and train it to get it ready for the Battledome. Neopets Mystery Island Training School is available for your pet from level 1 to up to 250. You will able able to train Strength, Defence, Agility, Endurance and Levels to increase your winning rate in the battledome and stand against the strongest opponents to have ever entered the Battledome.


Note that you will have to pay for courses with Codestones, which are the main currency of the Mystery Island Training Schools. The Codestones are raindomly chosen, and since they are random and some of them are cheaper than others, one you decide to take a course you will not be able to cancel it. Even if you have chosen the wrong pet to train, you will have to pay in order to get it done. Codestones can be obtained as prizes from the Battledome by defeating various challengers and they can also be prizes awarded from Key Quest. Alternatively, the best way to purchase same it through the Shop Wizard, because there you will be able to find as many as you want. When you have the Codestone and you’re ready to pay for a course, simply click at the button that indicates Courses, then you will be able to see all of your Neopets. After that, click on Pay to successfully pay and start the course that will last depending of the level of your pet. The time you will have to wait for, for the course to finish will be described later.

The Codestones that are available for you are currently:

Bri Codestone
Eo Codestone
Har Codestone
Lu Codestone
Main Codestone
Mau Codestone
Orn Codestone
Tai-Kai Codestone
Vo Codestone
Zei Codestone


You will not be able to train your pet strength, defence, or agility above twice the level of your pet. As for endurance, it can not be higher than three times the level of your pet. It is possible to go above the level by few points, though, and make sure that it never happens. Let’s say you’re at level 20 and you have 40 strength points. That is the maximum number of strength points you can have. Same number applies for Defense and Agility. Let’s say you’re level 20 with 40 strength, but with only 13 defense, 11 agility and 30 health points. Don’t raise strength, because it will ruin your course training. You will not be able to train anymore unless you start by getting a higher level, and getting above level 21 will result in a two Codestone cost instead of one and will also take more time for a course to complete. Go in order, never go over the maximum amount of points you can have and always keep HP training for the end. As for agility, some people prefer not to train it simply because it is only for stealing temporarily weapons from your opponent. If you decide to not train agility, you will be able to save a good amount of NP and invest them on better Battledome Weapons. If you would like to perfect all of the stats, then you can consider training all of them


The guide below will give you an idea about the price associated with a course depending of the level of your pet, and the time that the course will take to successfully complete.

Grasshopper course is the first one, where it will train pets that are level 20 and less. The price for this course is one Codestone and it will take 2 hour to complete.

Basic course is for pets that are level 21-40, and it will cost 2 Codestones to pay for that course. As for the time, it will be 3 hours.

Intermediate course accepts pets of level 41 to 80, and will take 4 hours to finish. The price for them is 3 Codestones.

Adept courses are for pets that are level 81-100, and it will take 4 Codestones to get your pet training for 6 hours.

Advanced courses are only available for pets who have reached past level 100, meaning 101 up to 120. Things will start getting pricier, at 5 Codestones a level and 8 hours to complete.

Expert is the level where your pet will have to be from level 121 to 150. It will cost you 6 Codestones to take that course and will last for half a day, meaning 12 hours.

Master is when your pet starts becoming a champion, slowly but surely, after reaching level 151. This course will be open until it reaches level 200 and 7 Codestones will be needed to take this course, along with a 18 hours wait time.

Grand Master is the top of the courses, and is available only for pets that are level 201 to 250. 8 Codestones will be required and a wait time of 24 hours for each course will be needed.

After successfully training a course, you will want to press the Complete Course button to receive the point you’ve been waiting for. The more time you take to press it, the more time you will be taking until you start the next course and the slower your pet will train. For that reason, you will want to save up the time you’ve started a course to your pet on a piece of paper or on a notepad so that you can keep track of the time. Otherwise, you can simply memorize it if that is not a problem for you.

Sometimes, you can also receive a Super Bonus that will grant your pet 2 points instead of one, for your own benefit. It is just a gift and you should make good use of it (in the BD). One some very rare occasions you will be able to receive a 3 points boost. Some people have reported to have received up to 4 and 5 point boost, which is ultra rare and should not be taken into consideration (since chances are very slim).

Lastly, you may be wondering what happens after your pet reaches level 250. Mystery Island offers another secret school for pets that are above level 250. You may want to visit “Neopets Secret Ninja Training School” to learn more about it.

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