Neopets Snow Faerie Quests

Atop Terror Mountain rests a small igloo, home of Taelia the Snow Faerie. Taelia’s normally out and about either helping Neopians navigate the frequent blizzards or doing normal guardian faerie stuff in general. But it seems she’s in need of magical supplies! Why? We’re not quite sure, maybe she needs to make soup or something…

Yes, I do have a knack of requesting candy… it’s not like I hoard it for myself. Heavens no… *shifty eyes*

Unlike most faeries, Taelia waits until you’ve asked for a quest before she gives you one. She also allows you to use the Shop Wizard but there will be a time limit, similiar to either Jhudora’s or Illusen’s quests. Once you’ve finished, she’ll reward you with about 2,000 neopoints, some snowballs, an item, an avatar and herself as a Battledome Challenger.

Above is a list of some obtainable-only-from-Taelia’s-quests items, if you’re really lucky you might receive one as an award. She’s also the only source of ice cream coupons (Pink, Blue, and Green) which are used to buy ice cream from Mr. Chipper’s Ice Cream Cart. Usually her quests are really only worth doing if the items she ask for are less than 2,000 neopoints, though, otherwise they’re not worth the risk.

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