Neopets Neoboards

Neoboards are a fun place to hang out and chill with some fun Neopians. There is a lot of n00bs, but if you get a chance, you can find some really cool people. But, where do you fit in? What do you do with each section? Below is a guide about everything you need about the neoboards.


A guide about what each link at the top in Chat does

When you first enter chat, there is a bunch of links at the top. Wonder what their for? Well, here is what they’re for, if they’re important, etc.

  • Main Page: Go to the main NeoBoards page.
  • Neo Rules: Be sure to read these. It will help you from getting frozen.
  • List of Smilies: The smilies you can use the neoboards. It has a complete list of them and what code to use to make them show.
  • Chat Preferences: Change your avatar, user title, font, etc.
  • User Preferences: Your lookup, etc.
  • WALL OF SHAME!: Things to watch out for.
  • Change Language: Want to view the boards in German instead?


Where in the chatboards do you belong?

Are you an avatar addict? Spending a lot of time around these boards can help you find the latest avatars and get some help on them.
Click here for our guide on Secret Avatars!
Click here for our guide on Explaining Avatars!Battledome:
Looking for someone to battle? Put up an ad and see how many people request to battle! You can talk about how punchbag bob took you years to beat or how you’re so sick of the war opponents.

Beauty Contest:
Advertise your beauty contest entry and hope to score some votes! If you need help or tips about the beauty contest, you can always visit this board to.
Click here for our guide on the beauty contest!

Evil Things and Monster Sightings:
OH MY! Did the pant devil steal your new wand of nova? Well, report it here! Talk about all the new evil creatures you’ve found.
Click here for our guide on evil creatures!

Fan Clubs:
Fan of something? Maybe Petpets? Talk about things that interest. Remember, that this is a NeoPets site, therefore you should talk about NeoPets related things.

Oh shoot! One point away to getting that Meera Chase trophy! I wonder how to play Snow Wars? Everything you need to know about the NeoPets games in this board. 🙂

Advertise your guild to score some new members, get some help with your guild, and talk about guild related things here.
Click here for our guide on guilds!

Are you new to something and need some help? Seeking some advice on which NeoPets you should paint orange? Help on things should go in this board! w00t

Ideas / Suggestions:
Have an idea or suggestion for NeoPets? Sometimes the staff check out this board so why not post it and get feedback on your idea/suggestion?

Did you just buy that new cute plushie shoyru from Claire’s? Post about it here!

NeoQuest + NeoQuest II:
Talk about the oh-so-famous NeoQuest game!

Neopets Trading Card Game:
Buy any new trading cards? Want to know how to play? Then this board is the best board for you.

Neopian Writers:
Into writing? Thinking of writing an article for the Neopian Times? Here is where to go for all writers.

New to NeoPets?

Other Worlds:
Jelly World – I mean…

Do you need help with a quest? Did you get a random quest? Trying to figure out how to work the Brain Tree?
Click here for our guide on Faerie Quests!
Click here for our guide on Normal Quests!

Role Playing:
All the messages in this board have to be in character. If you dont abide by the rules, and enough people complain, we reserve the right to freeze your account!

Shop Ads:
Advertise your shop or find good deals on the item you’ve always wanted.

Spotlights and Galleries:
Want suggestions or opinions on your spotlight entry? Want tips from previous spotlight winners? Come on in.

Stock Tips:
Need some investment tips? All the latest on the Neopian Stock Market is in here.

Trading / Auctions:
Advertise your trade and auction lots here!

Gather ’round, all minions of Sloth. Plot the downfall of Neopia! Unless, of course, you’d rather plot the downfall of Sloth himself.


A quick explanation on changing your chat preferences

When you go to your “Chat Preferences” page, there is six sections to look at. Here is an explanation to all the things you need to know about your preferences.Avatars: This is the icon that shall appear above your “member” title. You can pick from the ones you have. To get more, visit our Secret Avatars page (link listed below).
Click here for our guide on Secret Avatars!
Click here for our guide on Explaining Avatars!

NeoTitle: Are you a Restocker? Battledomer? Plushie Collector? Let everyone know by selecting a NeoTitle below. Your NeoTitle will appear below your name when you post a message.

NeoHTML and NeoSignature: NeoHTML is your default font tag. If you want your message board postings to always default to pink, glowing, small, floaty text, then this is where you do it. You have to write the word neoHTML surrounded by your tags, and that’s all there is to it! Here are some examples…

Your NeoHTML code:
{this is where your message will go}
Your NeoSignature code:

Jenn //
NeoBoard Language and Font View: If giant, yellow fonts are making your brain implode, select “Hide font effects” to prevent all injuries. Otherwise, choose “View font effects” to see the fonts in all their glory. Neopets has gone international! Below are two options for viewing the NeoBoards in different languages. If you’d like to only view topics in your language, check the ‘Only view topics in English ‘ box. (This is the Default view for the NeoBoards.) If you want to view every post no matter what the language, select the ‘View all languages’ button!


A list of all the neoboard emoticons you can use

Standard Smilies

Smiley Image Code

Pet Smilies

Smiley Image Code

Christmas Smilies

Smiley Image Code

Halloween Smilies

Smiley Image Code

Evil Smilies

Smiley Image Code

Large Smilies

Smiley Image Code

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