Neopets Auctions

Auctions are very easy to figure out and do once you know what to do. In this guide, we will include manuveur your way around the auctions and lots of great tips to help you win that desired item!


When you first come to the auction, you will notice a bunch of bids. Those are the bids that are just about to finish, their time is almost up! Best leaves those for now until you know how to work the Auctions. Now, there are a couple of important links at the top.

    • All Auctions: Shows a list of auctions that go from the shortest time to the longest time til its finished.
    • My Auctioned Items: View your auctions and help monitor them.
    • My Bids: View the items you have placed bids on.
    • Auction Genie: The Auction Search Engine! Is just like the shop wizard and trading post faerie.
    • Help: Some quick questions to help you with auctions.
    • Status: This is basically showing you what bids still need to be processed so you can get your items. It may take awhile for your money and item(s) to transfers!


Placing a bid is easy. First, search up the item you want (make sure you are searching NON [NF] auctions). When you do, find the auction you want to bid on and click on the name of the item (it’s a link). It brings you to a page with the item and a textbox with a number in it, where you can put the amount of neopoints you wish to bid. It shows the time left, place bid, and minimum increase. This part can get confusing if people don’t know what they’re doing.

The last bid placed was for 260 NP. The minimum increment value for this item is 10 NP.
Basically what this is saying is the last bid on the item was 260, and the next person has to bit at LEAST 10 more neopoints. So if you were to bid, you’d HAVE to bid at LEAST 270. You can bid more, but that’s your choice. Now, just because you bid doesn’t mean it is guarnteed you will get the item! You must go to “My Bids” and monitor them, meaning make sure you are always the last bidder (expect for the last couple of minutes and seconds, review tips below).


Placing an item for bid is easy. First, go to your inventory and select the item you wish to put up for auctioning. Under the drop down list at the bottom is the option “Put up for Auction!” Once you send that, it will take you to a new page where you have to fill out some information. The starting price is the price you want your item to start at. Don’t make it too high and having it a bit lower than the normal price will help get you bids. Minimum increase is the amount you want it to raise per bid (such as the next person has to bid a minimum of 100 more than the last). You can put how long you want it to auction for, from 1 hour to up to 2 days! If you want only your neofriends to bid on the item, then check of the box!


  • When it comes down to the last seconds, don’t bid. Somebody will keep trying to out bid you. Instead, wait til the very end then bid quickly and put the item price higher than asked. It can help quarntee you win if the price jumps at the last minute.
  • Check your bids often and look at the times.

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