Neopets Itchy Invasion

Neopets Itchy Invasion is a game where you’re in a tiny spaceship exploring the fur of petpets, shooting at swarms of petpetpets to get points. If you’re lucky enough to get a high score, Itchy Invasion, will reward you with this shiny trophy.



Playing Guide




Basically, you’re flying along extremely quickly, and you see petpetpets. You need to shoot them by aiming with your mouse and clicking them. Your mouse is the only control in this game.


There are three things that make this game hard.

-You’re going at crazy speeds, and you have less than a second to see a petpetpet and move your mouse to shoot it.

-If you let too many petpetpets go through the screen without being shot, you’ll lose the game.

-You only have a limited amount of ammo. You can replenish it by shooting a robot, but it doesn’t appear as often as would be nice.




This one is called a Blechy. It’s the most common of all the petpetpets, and it’s worth two points.


This one is an Itchi, and it gives you four points.


This one is a Zytch, and it gives you six points.


This one is a Bumbluz, and it gives you eight points. It only appears from level three onward, and it’s found hanging on to the hairs.


This one is a Mozito. It gives you ten points, it’s found in levels five and six, and it hangs onto the hairs like the Bumbluz does.


This petpetpet is a helpful one. It doesn’t give points when shot, but it explodes all of the other petpetpets on the screen (except for the other robotic one). It can really boost your score and stop your itch meter from going up.


This is the other helpful petpetpet, and an important one. This thing will refill your ammo when shot. If you don’t shoot these, then you are guaranteed to lose the game.




Level One: You need to shoot twenty-five petpepets to beat this level.

Level Two: You need to shoot twenty-eight petpetpets to move on from this level.

Level Three: You need to shoot thirty petpetpets to complete this level. As previously mentioned, this is the level that introduces the Bumbluz.

Level Four: You need to shoot thirty-five petpetpets to beat this level.

Level Five: You need to shoot thirty-eight petpetpets to move on from this level. Again, this is the first level to feature Mozitos.

Level Six: This is the final level, and to complete it you need to shoot forty petpetpets.




-The game will give you a warning every time your ammo gets down to three shots – use this to your advantage. Use the first two to shoot petpetpets, and then use the last one to shoot the first green robot that you see.

-If you see a red robot petpetpet (the one that destroys the other on-screen petpetpets), wait until it’s almost off the screen before you shoot it. There will be more petpetpets on the screen to be destroyed the longer you wait.

-If the game is too fast for you, try opening it in the best quality possible in large screen. It’ll lag more that way, giving you more time to see and react.

-If two petpetpets are very close to each other, they might be able to both be destroyed at the same time with just one shot. Once you’re getting pretty good at the game, but not lucky enough to get a high score, you can try to start doing that at the end of each level to get more petpets than the level requires you to get.

-When you’re nearing the end of a level, and your itch meter isn’t too full, you can pass over some petpetpets that give low point amounts in favour of ones that give more.

Neopets Itchy Invasion Cheats


-Type ‘pest’ at any time while playing to fill your ammo meter. Handy for if there isn’t a green robot in sight.

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