Neopets Jelly Blobs of Doom

Neopets Jelly Blobs of Doom is a fun game where you will have to control a Jelly Chomby that is looking to eat something, because he’s dying of hunger. He will basically eat anything, as long as you feed him.


Your main objective in the game is to use the arrow keys that are located on your keyboard to move the Jelly Chomby all over the place and to dodge the bad things. A Chomby is a dinosaur, therefore it has to it and when it does, it will grow stronger. He will be bigger each time he eats something. Make sure that when you run a flask of jelly, you avoid it. The reason for that is that it will dirt all the place if you do so. Never do brutal stops, too. You should always pay attention to the Chomby because it is possible that he gets devoured during the game play. When he will grow bigger, he will be able to grab food that he wasn’t able to take when he was little. The problem you will face is that as the game progress, he will get bigger considering hes eating, but it will be harder for you to dodge the bigger jellies, because he will be taking too much place. Sometimes, a jelly will be even taking all your screen and eating the Chomby, so you better be ready. It doesn’t happen always though, as it is random. Know that it is rare and that once it happens, you will not be able to do anything, which means it will be the end of the game.

Neopets Jelly Blobs of Doom Strategy & Cheats

During the game, some cheats will be offered for you at your advantage. Use them wisely, even if you’re not going after the trophy. The first cheat you will be able to use is “rainbownegg”, type it during the game and you will be granted with a total of 20 points, added to your total count. You will only be able to use it once per game though, so it is recommended that you use it at the beginning when the game is still easy. The second cheat is “fishnegg” and obviously, it will grant a fish negg. More precisely, a fish negg will pop up on the screen somewhere. The location is random, though, so you will have to find it. Once you successfully take it, you will be given with a bonus of 50 points. Of course, you will only be able to use it once per game. It is also recommended that you do it at the beginning of the game, so that if you fail at grabbing it, you can just restart the game to try again. The last cheat code is “marissa”, which is somewhat not that useful. If you’re playing seriously and going after a high score or a trophy, it will be absolutely useless. In case you’re wondering, it will show a message saying “Now are you happy?” at the beginning screen (before you start playing). Also, if during the game play you decide to mash your keyboard while hitting random keys, you will be able to generate a giant blue blob that will be a threat for the Chomby. Dodge it or you will lose the game. Oh wait, just don’t type random letters, instead!

As for a good strategy, it is all about training over and over. Sometimes you will wonder if your Chomby is big enough to grab a jelly, or if it will lead you to your loss. In this case, just avoid it. Keep playing until you know what’s good and what’s not. It comes with experience. Always keep your Jelly Chomby in the middle of the screen so that you can dodge the “bigger than your Chomby” jellies much more faster and smoother. Make sure that you go after the largest jelly pieces for more points when your Chomby gets bigger, because the game will just end by itself when he will be able to it almost anything. Good luck in jelly world!

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