Neopets Hannah and the Pirate Caves

Hannah and the Pirate Caves is a puzzle and action game, in which you will play as Hannah, a brave Usul girl who is always on the lookout for action and adventure. One day, Hannah reads a book about mystic caves built by ancient pirates. She just so happens to stumble across these caves, beginning Hannah’s great adventure of Hannah and the Pirate Caves on Krawk Island!

Hannah and the Pirate Caves Controls

The controls in Hannah and the Pirate Caves are very similar to those of many other games on Neopets. You will use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to control Hannah. To make Hannah look up, you use the up arrow key. To make Hannah jump, you simply press the space bar. Occasionally, you will come across a space that will be too small for Hannah to walk through, when this happens you can make her crouch by pressing the down key. Occasionally you will come across a passage that will be too narrow for Hannah to walk through (that’s when you will need to use the down key). Also, once in a while you will encounter a wooden platform that you will need to jump through. Just remember: space bar, right, left, up, down. That’s how you will maneuver Hannah around.

Hannah and the Pirate Caves Game Play

Now to begin on the different aspects of game play. One of the most commonly encountered being the wooden crates. These wooden crates can be easily bashed by either jumping or walking on them. However, metal crates cannot be bashed. In each level, there will be treasure chests that Hannah must collect. You may not pass onto the next level until all of the treasure chests in that level have been collected.
If you are thinking “So far, this game sounds like a breeze!”. you are wrong! In each level there are dangerous arrows, some even loaded onto the crates. These arrows will kill you. When these crates are broken, the box containing the arrow in it will fire. In some of the more difficult levels, the arrows will be shot at Hannah. They can, however destroy and break open the metal crates, so there is one decent use for them!
Some of these crates may also be loaded with dynamite which, if fired at you, will kill you. However, dynamite can also destroy the metal crates. If a crate containing dynamite is hit on the left, it will fly to the right, and vise versa. It is also possible that you may encounter dynamite that is in a metal crate, which means you cannot break the crate. When this occurs, only an arrow will be able to break it. Be warned, explosions caused by other dynamite if nearby can set off a chain reaction!

Another component in Hannah and the Pirate Caves is boulders. They can block your way, but if you have enough room, Hannah can push these boulders along. Be careful not to put two boulders together (in a row/column) then they will be unable to be pushed. If a boulder falls upon a wooden platform, it will smash. Beware of falling boulders, for they will kill you. If a boulder is pushed onto a spike, then it will smash the spike. Hannah and the Pirate Caves is a mind puzzle, so arrows, boulders, and other things may also set off traps!

In some levels, there are also pools of water. But not to worry, Hannah can swim! However, your time in the water is limited due to Hannah needing to hold her breath. At the bottom, left side of the screen will appear a row of bubbles. These bubbles represent how much air Hannah has left and if they run out, Hannah will die.

So now that Hannah has escaped the arrows, crates and dynamite, all that is left to do is find those gems! Be sure to keep an eye out for green gems, they add an additional 5,000 points to your score!

This is just the beginning! Enjoy the adventure!

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