Neopets Crisis Courier

Crisis Courier is a game where you can play King Altador’s personal courier for a day. The Yooyu, being the fastest, most aerodynamic Petpet in all of Neopia, most famous for its role in the Altador Cup is Crisis Courier’s hero. Can you avoid the Altadorian obstacles and get his royal highness’s message to its recipient in time? Follow this guide to Crisis Courier and achieve a high score, perhaps even obtaining the elusive trophy.


Crisis Courier is a side scrolling game, in which the game constantly moves you forwards. Your primary controls are to go up and down, backwards and forwards within the parameters of the screen. For this, you use the mouse. The left mouse button enables to you click between each species of the Petpet, Yooyu. Throughout the game you’re able to control a Fire Yooyu, Snow Yooyu, Mutant Yooyu or Faerie Yooyu.


You can earn points throughout this game by using several different methods, and in order to achieve a high score, a combination of all is required. The main points throughout this game are earned by collecting Golden, Blue or Red Goody Bags with a little Altadorian logo on top of them. Each golden Goody Bag is worth 5 points, whilst each Red and Blue Goody Bag is worth 10 points. However, coloured Goody Bags can only be collected by their corresponding Yooyu, for example Fire Yooyus can only collect Red Goody Bags and Snow Yooyus can only collect Blue Goody Bags. Faerie Yooyu however, can collect all.

The second main way to earn points in Crisis Courier is by collecting (or defeating, however you want to phrase it) the Minitheuses dotted along each level. They’re always found on flat surfaces, such as roofs and bridges as you fly past. Much alike the Altador Goody Bags, Minitheuses come in colours – Red and Blue, and they must be collected by their corresponding Yooyu. Each Minitheus collected by the appropriate Yooyu will earn you 10 points. If you don’t use the correct coloured Yooyu on Goody Bags, you simply don’t collect the points, but if you use the incorrect Yooyu on a Minitheus, you’ll lose a life. Avoid it at all costs! Especially avoid it when seeing groups of different coloured Minitheuses grouped together, unless you’re currently a Mutant Yooyu.

The ways of switching between different Yooyus are as follows, the Snow and Fire are straightforward and are activated by the left mouse button. In order to become either Mutant or Faerie, you must collect fruit throughout the levels. The ‘fig’ turns your Yooyu into a Mutant, and whilst flying as a Mutant you can collect both Red and Blue Minitheuses without consequence. To turn into a Faerie, you must collect a ‘winged fruit’, and whilst being a Faerie you can earn 20 points for every Goody Bag collected – although be aware, that you are unable to collect any Minitheuses whilst flying as a Faerie. Once you have eaten either a fig or winged fruit, you cannot turn back into a normal Yooyu until the time as elapsed, usually just a few seconds.

The final way to earn points is simple, its by completing each level! When you approach the end of a level, a tall pillar will mark the end of obstacles (you can fly through it by the way, its not an obstacle in itself), and upon completing each level you will earn 100 points x the number level you’ve completed. For example, level 1 earns 100 points, level 2 earns 200 points, level 3 earns 300 points and so on.

In order to achieve a high score, its important to collect almost all of the Goody Bags throughout the levels, make maximum use of winged fruits, and try to collect all of the Minitheuses as well. If you can do this for every single level you’ll get a gold trophy.

Level by Level Point Target for Trophy

To achieve a high score for a bronze trophy, you should aim for a minimum of around 13,000 points on reset day. This guide should hopefully get you above this, towards a gold trophy.

Level 1 – The highest score you can achieve on this level is 490, aim for this.

Levels 2-3 – 4,800 is a good benchmark at this stage.

Level 4 – 8,000 is your benchmark, this is a particularly important level because you can potentially earn up to 4000 points. Restart if you don’t hit 8000 on this level because you likely won’t hit a high score without it.

Level 5 – 10,000 is a good score for this level, aim for a little over

Level 6 – 14,000 is a good benchmark, though its possible to have up to 15,000 on this level. Also don’t fret if you achieve less, because its still a great score for reset day.

Level 7 – As this is a particularly difficult level, 16,000 is an acceptable score.

Levels 8-9 – You’ve finished the game, pretty much anything you score at this stage will get you a trophy, as few intrepid couriers ever make it this far. Congratulations!

Neopets Crisis Courier Cheats

  • Type the words “kingaltador” exactly as they appear there to grant you an extra life at any point throughout the game. Note however its only valid once per game, so use wisely.
  • The most important part is holding onto your life, so don’t fret if you can’t collect everything, and similarly don’t put yourself into difficult positions just to collect extra Minitheuses which could cost you a life. Its not worth it, even for a high score.
  • Watch out for figs or winged fruits in places there they shouldn’t be – these are tricks, and a couple of play throughs will enable you to spot them. In this cases there will be figs right before lots of Goody Bags, and similarly winged fruits right before large groups of mixed Minitheuses.
  • Not a cheat but an Easter Egg – before you start a game, on the main menu if you click the bottom left window you’ll unlock a secret level!
  • To get a trophy you need somewhere around a minimum of 12,000 points.

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