Neopets Lab Ray

Many secrets exist on Neopia, many dark places where normal Neopets can’t access freely or have never been to. Is one of these dark corners that bring us together on this guide. A secret base created by a mad Scorchio scientist on the deeps of the ocean, which location can only be found with a special map, but that gives hints of being under the Mystery Island or around the Krawk Island sea. This Scorchio created a high-tech base, with many machines and twisted creations to do his inventions… but between all the gear, one thing stands up: a ray.

This ray is so powerful and mysterious, but with time we’ve been able to discover what it can do if you decide to zap one of your Neopets in it. If you are brave enough to complete the map and find the Secret Laboratory, you’ll be allowed to zap one pet a day, unless you buy a Lab Ray Fortune Cookie in the Neomall in hopes of getting some extra daily zaps. The access to the Secret Laboratory is permanent in the account in which you redeem the map, so make sure to visit it daily to use your zap.

Neopets Lab Ray

In order to have access to the Laboratory you’ll need to complete the Secret Laboratory Map. The Secret Laboratory Map is made out of 9 different ‘Secret Laboratory Map’ pieces all called the same. You can buy them individually on the Shop Wizard or in the Trading Post for the more expensive ones. At the same time, many users sell the full Lab map in the TP but is sometimes more expensive to get it that way than buying them individually (though, much more easy and fast!). You can also get Lab map pieces in random events.

Once you have all the map pieces in your inventory you can get access by trading in your map pieces on the map page in the game section. If you decide to do this, the Secret Lab Map pieces will disappear forever, and you will not be able to get them back.

When you have completed the map and you have decided which of your Neopets will be zapped, you will either get one of these changes:

1) Gender change: Your male Neopet will become female, and your female Neopet will become a male. If you previously had a Royal pet, you’ll be getting the new royal clothes of the gender that it has been changed to.

If you wish to change the gender of your Neopet back, you can do it by fighting the Mad Lab Ray Scientist in the Battledome. You get him as a challenger randomly on the page where you select which pet you want to zap in the Laboratory, so you can always refresh such page until the challenger pops up if you need to fight him. His difficulty is of 185 but you don’t need to win in order for the gender change to happen, this will depend on what move he makes and sometimes it might take a couple tries for it to happen.

Know that if you change the gender of your Royal Neopet by battling the Mad Scientist in the Battledome, you won’t be getting new clothes since your pet will remind Royalboy or Royalgirl, just that with the changed gender and eyelashes.

2) Stats change: The lab ray also awards or takes stats points from the zapped Neopets, which is perfect if you plan on training a Battledome pet and need some extra points at times. Your Neopet might gain HP (2 to 5 points at a time), gain or lose levels (2 at a time), gain or lose Strenght points (2 or 3 at a time), gain or lose Defence points (2 or 3 at a time), gain or lose Movement points (2 or 3 at a time) or get it’s Level back to 1, which is the worst stat change. If your Neopet is 40+ level though, this last stat change won’t happen to it!

3) Specie change: You Neopet might also suffer of a specie change, randomly between all the Regular creatable species and also between the Limited ones (Tonu, Chomby, Lutari, Cybunny, Hissi, Koi, Kiko, Grundo, Poogle, Jetsam and Ruki). The only species that the labray doesn’t zap is Draik and Krawk, the so-called Restricted Species.

4) Color change: One of the most seek after zaps, and the reason why most people decide to buy the Secret Laboratory Map is the color changes that it provides. The Lab Ray has some exclusive colors, which are Alien, Clay, Garlic, Ice, MSP, Robot, Sponge, Snot, Chocolate, Jelly, Custard and 8-bit, which don’t have Paint brushes and you can only get with the existing potions (if there are, that is) or with the FFQ, except for Clay, Garlic, Ice, MSP, Robot and Sponge, which the FFQ doesn’t give.

Besides those ones, you can also get the rest of the existing colors, except for Baby, Pirate, Plushie, Quiguki, Royal, and Usuki. At the same time, the Lab ray doesn’t zap Boris to Ice, since this was an exclusive promotional color that can’t be created.

5) Nothing: Pretty lame huh? But yes, there is also a chance of not getting any changes on your daily zap… which might probably save you from accidentally zapping your pet and turning your Draik into a Quiggle.

At the same time, it seems the Mad Scientist Scorchio has a petpet that does the same deeds with his fellow specie! You can only access the Petpet Secret Laboratory if you already have access to the Neopets one though, but relax, the cost of this map is much lower than the Secret Laboratory so you won’t have much troubles completing it.

This map also has 9 pieces that you can buy in the shop wizard or trading post and it allows you one zap a day as well. It can change your petpet’s colour, species, increade or decrease it’s level, change your petpet’s name, turn it into a Pile of Soot, do nothing at all or even make it disappear! For this last thing is better if you don’t zap expensive petpets.

The names that have been documented that the Petpet lab ray can give to your petpet are 1337, Bhudda of Geraptiku, Dirigibles, Dragona’s Socks, El Champion, Fritter, Fritz, Frankie, Goober, Greg, Help me eat, Hilarioso, Humbug, Kadoatie-wannabe, Lazpip, Lemondrop, Lollygag, Lunch, McFritter, Mercutio, Montage, OMGROFL, Oopsy, Pants McGee, Petpet of DOOM, Phil, Pooky, PookyMcDroolish, Pooper, Poppler, Puppup, Rover, Schnukums, Sir Bob of Geraptiku, Skeeter, Snarkie, So-and-So, Spiffy, Times, New Roman, Todd, Tumbles, Type Mismatch Error, Woojit and Your Ad Here.

At the same time, there are sole petpet colors that you can only get with the lab ray, which are 8-Bit, Chocolate, Gold, Ice, Jelly, Picnic, and Strawberry but once you get the petpet out of your Neopet, it will go back to it’s original state.

You can win avatars for zapping in either of these two Secret Laboratories; for the Neopet one you’ll need to have a specie change zap and for the petpet avatar you’ll need to have your petpet zapped into a Pile of Soot by the Petpet Lab Ray.

Lab Ray FAQ

The lab ray is a very confusing concept to fully understand, (Seeing as though some people who have had the ray for years still don’t understand it themselves.) but can be figured out by constantly using it on a daily basis. The questions that may pop into your head now are, “What is the lab ray anyway?” or “Does it cost anything?” or something else. This part of the FAQ should cover most of those types of questions.

Neopets Lab Ray

What is the lab ray?
The lab ray, more formally know as the Secret Laboratory, is a magical, “prototype” ray gun aparatus, and when it is shot, it can change your pets species, color, stats, and gender.

How do you get to the lab ray?
Well, you could just click here. However, if you haven’t collected all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map, you won’t be able to find it.

Yup. There’s a map, like the normal treasure maps that are a waste of money. If you go to the Treasure Maps game in the gamesroom, you’ll see at the top a few categories. Spooky, space, etc… But the last one appears to be “Laboratory.” You must collect all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map to get to the lab.

How much does the map cost?
Usually, the price varies from piece to piece, and is also usually inflating dramatically. As of January 2006, each piece is estimated to be about 55000NP, totaling at a little less than 500000NP.

What exactly does the lab ray do?
The lab ray can change your pets color, species, or gender. It also increases stats, decreases stats, or sometimes, it doesn’t do anything at all.

Do I decide what happens?
Well, since it’s a “prototype,” and since the mad scientist isn’t intelligent enough to figure that one out, no, you can’t decide what happens, it’s completely random.

Is there anything the lab can’t do to your pet?
There are six colors that the lab ray can not paint your pet. They are pirate, baby, plushie, usuki, quiguki, and royal. If you want to paint one of your pets one of these colors, then you should just buy the paint brush.

How many times can I use the lab?
You can use it once each day on one pet.

I’ve heard about a lab avatar…?
Yes, there is a lab avatar, and you get it when the species of your pet changes due to the lab.

Secret Laboratory Map

This section of the FAQ should cover most of your questions about the map itself.

What does the map look like?
Like this:

Will the map disappear when I put it together?
Yes, it disappears when you put it together.

How do I get the Secret Laboratory Maps?
All you need to do is earn the NP for each piece and then buy it through the shop wizard or the trades.

What’s the cheapest way to buy the map?
Usually, when merchants sell the lab map full on the trades, they’re looking for a profit. If you buy it piece by piece through the shop wizard, you’ll probably end up spending significantly less had you bought it through the trades, so buying it piece by piece is usually cheapest.

Where do I put the map together?!
Right here: Click here!

Do I get anything else when I put the map together?
Yes, you get 10000NP.

Lab Ray Changes

This part of the FAQ will describe what kinds of changes the lab will do, and what it can and can’t do.

Are there any stats the lab won’t touch?
Yes, intelligence and mood are the stats the lap will not effect.

What colors can the lab paint my pet?
Any color of paint brush except pirate, baby, royal, quiguki, usuki, and plushie.

Can my pet turn into a limited edition or restricted pet?
Yes, it can turn into any limited edition or restricted pet.

How long until my pet turns a good color?
For some, it takes a few days, for some, it takes months. It’s completely random as to what you get each day.

My pet’s only losing levels and gaining max HP. What’s wrong?
Nothing. These are common results of the lab ray, but in the long run, it’s usually worth it. =)

Can my pet’s stats go below 1?
Your level can go to -1, but that’s it. Nothing else can go lower than 1.

Will my pet’s faerie abilities disappear if my pet’s level gets too low?
Nope, never. The only exception is the Berserk ability, and you’ll lose that if your pet goes under level 50, but you’ll get it back when you hit 50 again.

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