Neopets Sutek’s Tomb

Sutek’s Tomb is a game where you must swap two adjacent tiles at a time by clicking on them. You can get points by lining up three, four or five tiles in a row at the same time, as well as bonus points for arranging combinations. Sutek’s Tomb is a slow-paced game where it is easy to make a lot of neopoints quickly if done right.

Sutek’s Tomb is based on the story of an ancient Geb named Sutek, who was stronger than any other Geb, and acknowledged for his fitness and wisdom. After he died, a tomb was built (referred to as a Gebmid) which was the same size as him. Sutek was the first ancient Geb to have a Gebmid made for him, although there are many in the Lost Desert now. In order to prevent anyone obtaining Sutek’s riches and treasures, a lock was placed on the tomb. Patterns were decorated on the door, and anyone who could discover the pattern for opening the tomb would win his treasures.


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Sutek’s Tomb How to play

The goal of the game is to switch around blocks two at a time, in order to arrange patterns of the same symbol. The length of the rows can be three, four or five long, with three bringing in the least points and five bringing in the most. The amount of points you can achieve from these combos is based on which mode you’re in.

The controls for this game are very simple! Switch around the blocks by clicking on one of the blocks, and then clicking on the one you want to change it with.

In order for the switch to be successful, they must firstly be adjacent i.e. next to each other. Secondly they must lead to a final row that has three, four or five of the same hieroglyphic/type of block; if not, they will change back to their original places straight away.

Once a combo of three or more has been made, the blocks lined up will disappear. New blocks will fall down from overhead in order to replace the gap.

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Sutek’s Tomb Game Play


Easy Mode

In the easy mode, you will get the following points for each combination that is formed:

  • Three blocks will give you 3 points.
  • Four blocks will give you 9 points.
  • Five blocks will give you 21 points.

It’s easy to see that lining up more blocks when possible, particularly five, will give you a strong advantage in terms of total points.

In easy mode, there are also five different types of block:

  • Geb
  • Crystal
  • Palm tree
  • Sun
  • Desert
  • Head (of a Desert Blumaroo)

The grid size is 8 x 8, which makes 64 blocks on the screen at any one time.
Hard Mode

In this mode, you get the following number of points for the following line ups:

  • Three blocks will give you 10 points.
  • Four blocks will give you 30 points.
  • Five blocks will give you 70 points.

On this mode there are two extra types of symbol:

  • Scarab
  • Coltzan’s Shrine

This means that there are a total of 7 types of symbols available in hard mode.

The size of the game in this mode is 10 x 10, meaning there is 100 blocks on the screen at a time.


Zen Mode

In Zen Mode, there is no time limit to any level. However, no matter what combo type you make (even a bonus combo), you will only ever get one point.

There are 7 types of symbols (all of those that are found in Hard Mode). The grid is also 10 x 10, like in Hard Mode, with 100 blocks on the screen.


On both the easy mode and the hard mode, the time limit is one minute. Every time that points are gained from a 4 or 5 combo, a small number of seconds can be gained back onto the total time. Therefore, if you play quickly, you can keep playing for a very long time – as long as you don’t ever lose time by looking for the next combination.


Sutek’s Tomb Types of Special Symbols

There are seven types of symbol, as discussed above. Alongside this, there are another five types of symbols that can be found on the blocks. These are as follows:

  • Bomb
  • Hand-painted scarab
  • Lucky coin
  • ‘Good luck’ ankh
  • Face of the Phantom Orange Shirt Guy


The bomb will blow up the entire column above if the symbol falls for more than a single block’s space. Depending on how far the bomb is down the column, points will be won accordingly.

If a bomb reaches the bottom of the screen, it will disappear, but will give you 5 points automatically once it disappears.

Bombs can be lined up with other bombs, just like the other symbols, and will give points accordingly for three or more of them in a line.


Lucky Coin   

The lucky coin is a symbol that can be matched to any other symbol in order to make a combo. For example, it can be joined with the Head, the Sun, the Desert etc. in three, four or five combos. They are therefore the wild card in the game, which can be incredibly useful. These are great for making the larger combos, particularly five in a row. They are also best saved for later on when your time is running out or you’re in trouble.
Hand-Painted Scarab

The hand-painted scarab are another type of bomb symbol. However, these don’t explode in the same way the Bomb does. They only explode once they come to the bottom of the grid. Once this happens, the whole column is blown up. This will automatically give you 100 points to your score.

Good Luck Ankh

The Good Luck Ankh are also another type of Bomb. They work in a similar way to the Hand Painted Scarab in that they explode once they reach the bottom of the screen. However, they not only explode the column above, but they also explode the row. This awards you 200 points to your overall score.


The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy’s Face

This symbol explodes when it reaches the bottom row, like the Hand painted Scarab and the Good Luck Ankh. The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy’s Face explodes the entire grid of blocks, as part of the Magic Face Combo. This will award an entire 500 points to your score.

Frequency of Symbols

The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy’s Face, the Hand Painted Scarabs and the Good Luck Ankh do not appear very often at all in the game; they are very rare. They can give a very large boost to your overall score. However, don’t get distracted when they appear! If you don’t focus on the normal symbols and the overall combinations, you may run out of time.
Multiple Combinations

Multiple Combinations take place if a combination is made during the course of another combination disappearing off the screen i.e. it happens without the tiles being changed around, and just as a result of tiles falling down the screen after a combination being awarded. In the case of multiple combinations, you are given twice the number of points that you would from a normal combination. This can lead to a chain reaction in that you can get multiple combinations that lead to another multiple combination (three times the number of points as usual), and so on.

A good tip is to learn to see where multiple combinations may happen, and therefore create chain reactions on purpose. This comes more easily after a lot of time spent on the game. For example, if you explode the bombs at the bottom, symbols are likely to fall down and create multiple combinations.

Note that multiple combinations do not happen in zen mode however; zen mode is a very different way of playing than easy mode or hard mode.

Running out of Moves

If you run out of moves, don’t worry too much as the board will regenerate and all the pieces will be reshuffled, creating new ways for combinations being made. However, if you reshuffle, any special icons that are on the screen will disappear. This also leads to your current score being lost in Zen mode. So keep an eye on the reshuffles so you don’t lose your icons.

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Neopets Sutek’s Tomb Cheats


– The game can be paused at any point. Just click on the hourglass that is on the right hand side of the screen. However, you can only have three pauses in a game.

– In order to see the game’s suggestion for the next move, type in the word ‘pyramibread’. This can be done as many times as you like.

– If you find that your time is running low and you need more, type ‘plzsutekcanihavemoretime’. This will give you 30 more seconds and can be played at any point in the game. However, it can only be played once. A great way to do this is to pause the game and then to type almost the full code e.g. ‘plzsutekcanihavemoretim’ and then to add the extra ‘e’ once you’ve unpaused the game. This means you don’t have to lose any time at all by typing the game.

– The same rule applies for the word ‘scarabeus’. You can again only use this once a game.

– Either of these cheats can be typed at the start of the game. Then all you need to do is add the last letter when you want to use the code.

– It’s very important to keep your eye on the amount of icons and combinations left if you have special icons on the board. This is because every special icon will be removed once the board reshuffles.

– When the board reshuffles, a little tip is that the timer has a slight pause before the game play continues. This means you have a slight break to look over the board and see how it is laid out before continuing, meaning you can locate possible combinations before starting to form them.

– You’ll realise when you’re playing that a tile can be used in not just one combo, but can also be used in two. So if you have a ‘L’ shape, for example, with five tiles lined up in total, this will be counted as two sets of three. In hard mode, this means you’ll get 20 points (10 x 2).

– You should concentrate on making matches fast, even if they are only 3 at a time. It’s important to stay in the game, rather than spend time thinking about combinations.

– You should also focus on making horizontal matches where possible, rather than vertical, as this leads to more changes on the board (as more columns fall) and therefore more potential for points.

– If you are very close to making a new high score or getting a score for the avatar (2000 points) and starting to get nervous, a great tip is to screenshot the game (using the Print Screen button on the keyboard) and then quickly pause the game. Check the screenshot in something like Paint, and you can see where the best combinations are, and you might even find some 4 or 5 tile combinations to get extra points. As said, because this takes a lot of time, this is only really useful if you’re at a high score and want to keep up your current game, or perhaps if you’re at a part where you want to analyse a screen and look for combinations (or lack of combinations) when you have a special icon up. And remember – you only get three times to pause.

– It helps to make combos near the bottom of the board, as more symbols will fall down the columns meaning more opportunity for new combinations.

-It is best to focus on playing hard mode, rather than easy. This way you can get the most points through special symbols and combinations.

– If you ever happen to get the symbol of the Phantom Orange Shirt Guy, type ‘note’ and the symbol will drop down to the bottom of the screen, earning you the 500 points.

– A little easter egg is to go into the instructions, where you will see four pyramids. There are three small ones and one large one. If you press on the door of the small pyramid that is closest to the mute button, Oliver will pop up again.

– Sometimes pyramibread is too slow to type in. Another way of getting it to show up, depending on your keyboard, is to press the mute button or the home button. This will show the next move in the same way as pyramibread. You can score huge amounts of points in the game from this cheat.

Sutek’s Tomb Avatars and Trophies

avatarIn order to get the avatar, you must get 2000 points.



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