Neopets Kreludan Mining Corp.

Neopets Kreludan Mining Corp. is a game where you control a ship flying through mine shafts, collecting golden ores and taking them back to the factories of the mining corporation. If you earn a high score, Kreludan Mining Corp. can give you this shiny trophy.


Playing Guide



Use the left and right arrow keys to rotate your ship, and the up key to move. In this game, it’s very easy to hold the up key for too long, and then you’ll go zooming along and not be able to stop when a wall shows up, and you’ll collide and die. Be careful not to overdo the thrust.


Other keys that you use are the space bar, to fire a shot; the B key, to emit a beam to grab the golden ore; and the N key, which can be used to drop the golden ore.


You start the game with five lives, gaining extra ones as you pass certain levels. You can lose those lives by crashing into the wall with your ship, getting hit by an alien that’s shooting at you, or by letting the ore crash into a wall if it’s attached to your ship.


The objective of each level is to find the golden ore and take it to the refinery, which is somewhere else in the level. What will make this difficult will be doors, aliens, and tight spots where you need to maneuver your ship carefully.




This is the ship that you control through the mine shafts.


This is the ore that you need to collect in each level.


This is the refinery you will need to take your ore to for completion of each level.


This is an alien, the only enemy present in this game. You can destroy it by shooting it once, but be careful because it shoots back. For each alien that you destroy, you receive five points.


This is a diamond. You’ll see these sometimes, mostly in the later levels, just hanging in the walls of the mine shafts. Use your beam to grab it; each diamond is worth 20 points. You don’t need to take them to the refinery, you will get the points automatically after grabbing them.


What you see here is a door. These will appear from the second group of shafts onwards. You need to shoot the blue button to open the door, and then go through the entrance before the stone comes back down. If you get hit by the stone as it closes, you will lose a life, just like you would if you crashed.




Killing aliens: You should go through the entire level and kill all of the aliens before trying to take the ore to the refinery, because it’s much harder to stay safe and kill them when you’re dragging a big metal rock behind you.

When killing them, make sure not to get too close, otherwise you won’t be able to avoid their bullets. Keep your distance, and make sure you’re far enough from the ground below you that you’ll be able to thrust away from it after you aim at the alien and shoot.


Collecting Diamonds: When you’re close to a diamond, start holding down the B button. Make a three hundred and sixty degree turn, all the way around. You should have hopefully collected the diamond and be able to fly away; if you didn’t get it, get closer and try again.


Taking Care of the Ore: Sometimes, the golden ore will be in a very tight passage. When you grab it and leave the ground, be sure not to let it touch the ground, otherwise you’ll lose a life.

When you’re flying around a level with the ore attached to you, watch how much the ore is swinging. If you get too close to a wall and the ore is swinging too much, it’ll hit the wall. To get it to stop swinging, just move slightly, then aim your ship straight up and just maintain your position until the ore stops moving so much.


Know What Risks Not To Take: Sometimes, levels will have extra places you can go to to get more points. You need to know what things you can and can’t do; this can be achieved by playing the game often and going everywhere in a level. For example, one level has a path you can follow to reach a room full of diamonds. The passages are extremely tight, though, making it extremely difficult for someone without practice.


Neopets Kreludan Mining Corp. Cheats


-Type in ‘kreludor’ while playing to get an extra life.


-In the first level, before taking the ore to the refinery, go over to the top left corner. Shoot the ceiling in the corner; it will disintegrate until there’s a passage you can enter. At the top is a diamond that you can collect for an extra twenty points.


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