Neopets Stock Market

Neopets Stock Market is an excellent investment to hold in your portfolio. Don’t expect to purchase stocks at the Neopian Stock Market, than try to make a quick buck. That’s now how the stock market works unfortunately. If you’re patient, than the Neopets Stock Market is excellent for you as a long term investment. To start, click here. You can get to the stock market by going to Neopets homepage first and scrolling down to this yellow Chia with a cellphone. Click him, and you’re there! Now that you’re here, you need neopoints to invest. How do you get those neopoints? Earn them of course! Once you have about 50,000 neopoints come back to the NeoDaq. You see those links on the top? We’re going to guide you through them, step by step, and give you some hints along the way! Also, before we start, please note the scrolling bunches of letters at the top (also known as ticker symbols) are known as stocks and how they have been progressing throughout the day, these are on every page! We’re going to skip around in the links a bit to make it easier for you to follow.

Neopets Stock Market
Choosing Stocks at the Neopets Stock Market

Now, you’re brought to a page with a happy looking green Quiggle on it and a search box for you to find stocks. Personally, I don’t use that box. It doesn’t help. Click instead above that box the blue word that says ‘here’, which will lead you to a full list. There ya go, a full list of all stocks in Neopia. Still confused about what each thing is? Well, that’s what we’re here for, eh? xD Now, on the table you will see on a list across saying ‘Logo’, ‘Ticker’, ‘Company’, ‘Volume’, ‘Open’, ‘Curr’, ‘Change’.

1. Logo – The logo is the trademark of the company and helps you identify the companies in your portfolio. We will get to your portfolio later.
2. Ticker – This is the acronym of the company, and easier way of talking about a company, rather than saying out the whole company name!
3. Company – This is more of an elaborate meaning of the ticker symbol. Meaning, the actual company name. This isn’t exactly too important, more like a reference tool.
4. Volume – Volume is how many shares have been sold into Neopia so far that day.
5. Open – Open is what the stock started at at midnight NST.
6. Curr – This is what the current price of the stock is.
7. Change – Change is how much the company has lost or gained so far in the day.

You can click the ticker symbol to tell you more information about the stock. The finding stocks page is your reference page. You will need it to search for other stocks to buy later on. But we’ll get to the ‘buy’ link later.

Neopets Stock Market GlitchNeopets Stock Market News/Research

The news and research page… there’s not much to say about it. It’s just saying how the NeoDaq is doing, and the stock of the day. I’m sorry I can’t say too much about it, there’s not much to say!

Neopets Stock Market Profile

This is where the ticker symbol comes in from the ‘Find Stocks’ page. You can search up here for any ticker symbol, and find the full information about the company. A lot like on the ‘find stocks page,’ if you click the ticker symbol you will find full information about the company and it’s competitors. Search up any stock here, and you will get the logo, company name, the price of a current stock, and information about it. If you click the company name it leads you to a page where you can buy the stock, and how many of the stocks you want to buy. Please note, that the current stock price they give is the price of only one share of the stock. But we’ll get to the buying part later!

Then there are also competitors. By clicking the competing companies’ ticker symbols you get that companies full information. Let’s move on to the buying part. The part you’ve been waiting for, eh?

Neopets Stock Market Guide
Buying Stocks at the Neopets Stock Market

Okay, so now we’re going to skip over to the ‘buy’ link. You want to buy stocks! Well, you use the ticker symbols to choose a stock! To your convenience on the ‘buy’ page underneath ‘Ticker Symbol’ it says ‘click to list’, and it will list all the stocks (from the find stocks, scroll up to see) and you can choose the ticker symbol of the company you wish to buy. Underneath the ticker symbol it says ‘Number of Shares’. Now, on the find stocks page, the current price of the stock is the price of ONLY ONE STOCK. Okay, confused about which stocks to buy? I’m here to help you! Well, we’re restricted which is annoying when buying stocks, here are the restrictions which are, so, so evil. xP But there are only two… I think. 😀

  • Restriction 1: You can only buy 1000 shares a day.
  • Restriction 2: You have to buy stocks that are 15 NP or over.
  • I like to buy the stocks at the lowest price we can possibly get them. The lowest price is 15 NP. So on the find stocks page find all stocks that are currently (CURR) 15 NP. If there are none of those try 16 NP stocks. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Buying stocks that are super expensive (like 50 NP per share) is risky, because if the company goes bankrupt, you will lose more money than if you had bought a stock for 15 NP to share. There’s more at risk, be smart on this one! THIS IS THE PRICE OF ONLY ONE STOCK. IF YOU BUY MULTIPLE SHARES THE PRICE WILL BE HIGHER.
  • I like to check if the stock is going higher or lower (look at the CHANGE). Stocks that I have done well with are NATN, PEOP, and SHRX, BUT, I cannot guarantee your profit. Only buy those stocks if they are at 15 NP. It is best to buy the stock that is going up, but if you choose the stock that’s going down, you may make a profit too, but it will take more time.
  • Don’t just choose only one stock. Diversify your portfolio, make many different options. Say if a company in your portfolio goes bankrupt (this barely ever happens), then you have 4 other stocks left! You can still earn the neopoints you lost back.
  • Once you’ve chosen the stock, look at the ticker symbol and go back to the ‘buy’ page, and put in that ticker symbol. Now, you have to choose how many number of stocks to buy. I like to buy 1000 because it’s easy to follow. The only annoying part is you can’t buy anymore stocks ’til the next day! But, buy in large masses, because when you sell, your stock broker (Chia with the cellphone) charges you 25 NP.

Your Neopets Stock Market Portfolio

Your portfolio is where your stocks are listed and organized to show how they are currently doing in the stock market. You really can’t do without it! We’re going to explain to you everything in your portfolio. There are three columns: Today, Holdings, and Overall. Then there are subcategories. We’re going to explain those as well! The blank column lists the logos of the companies you bought from, the next column lists those companies’ ticker symbols and profiles.

Today – Today explains how your stock is doing in the current day.

  • Open – Open is the price the stock (Only ONE share of that stock) started at 12 AM NST.
  • Current – Current is the price of the stock (Only ONE share of that stock) at the moment.
  • Chg – How much the stock has gained in the day. (-1, it has lost one neopoints, -2, it has lost 2 neopoints, +1 it has gained one neopoints, +2 neopoints it has gained 2 neopoints, and so on)

Holdings – Holdings lists how many of the stocks you have have and how much you paid for it.

  • QTY – Qty is quantity, how many shares of the stock you have.
  • Paid – How much you paid for one share.

Overall – What your overall sums and gains are.

  • MKT Value – This is your Qty x Current Price. It equals how much the stock is worth at the moment.
  • % Change – How much (in percentage) you have gained from the stock.

Now on the portfolio next to the icon is an arrow. Click on the arrow and you get more information on the stock and below it…What you all have been waiting for: the selling part! When to sell your stocks, etc., etc.! On this part there is a table… we’re going to explain the table. If you bought two of this stock when it was at different prices there will be two rows. If you bought three then there will be three rows, etc.When you’re on this table there are 7 columns. Shares, Paid NP, Total NP, Current, Mkt Value, and % Change Sell. Here’s what they all mean:

  • Shares: The amount of shares of the stock you bought.
  • Paid Neopoints: How much neopoints you paid for one share.
  • Total Neopoints: Shares x paid neopoints.
  • Current: How much the stock per share is worth now.
  • Mkt Value: Shares x Current.
  • Change: Tells you wheater you gained or lost neopoints.
  • Sell: Put the amount of shares you want to sell here… BUT WAIT! First read below our tips for selling! (When you’ve think you’ve made your choice press the ‘Sell’ option near the bottom)

Neopets Stock Market Trends

Neopets Stock Market Cheats

  • Tip #1 Have patience. Patience is the key word in the stock market. And you have to be able to take a risk. When gambling in the stock market, there are small chances you will not earn profit. And it would normally take a long time for you to earn a profit, so you need patience. Remember, keyword: PATIENCE.
  • Tip #2: Set a goal limit of when you want to sell your stock. There’s no point of selling a stock where you will gain nothing from it. I like to sell my stocks when I gain at least a 100% profit. So, the stock has risen double of when I bought it from. You can set different goals if you wish, whatever appeals to you.
  • Tip #3: Many people say, stick to your goals, well… that doesn’t quite work for me. I know, NEVER sell your stocks if they are below your goal. Never. If you have a 99.6% profit ad your goal is 100%, DON’T SELL. No matter what. Never, never, never. But, if you have a stock that is shooting through the roof and reaches your goal, wait, and watch it. It might go up more. The stockmarket is very random, and changes every 30 minutes. If your stock is going up now, it might go up more later. So wait, and watch it. If it starts a dramatic drop, or doesn’t change for another 2-3 hours, then sell it (if the dramtic drop doesn’t go under your 100% profit). Here’s a personal experience. I once bought 1000 shares of [insert stock here] and it went up 100%. I sold it. The next day, it was up by 500% from my original purchase! See what I mean? I was so disappointed, for I could’ve earned quite a bit of money from that!

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