Neopets Food Club

Neopets Food Club is a game where you will have to compete with other pirates. Treasure hunting is maybe what you think. You’re wrong, this time the competition will be based on food. Neopets Food Club is a gamble game that is worth the try for the profit it gives!


During the game play, you will have to place a bet on a pirate from the different list of those who are eating. You will be presented with five eating competitions for every day, where it will be hosted from many arenas. The possible arenas are: Treasure Island, Harpoon Harry’s, Hidden Cove, Shipwreck and the Lagoon. There you will be able to find a total of four pirates that will participate in each of these arenas that will be procuring a total of 10 different foods for the pirates.

Your main objective will be to decide the pirate that you think will eat the most food. To do that, you will have to place a bet on the one you think will be victorious. Note that a maximum of 10 bets can be placed on a single day. Depending on the age of your account, you will be able to place more money if you it is old enough. To see how much you will be able to bet, you should visit the place a bet page.

Of course, you will have to know when exactly the pirates will start eating, so that you will be able to place a bet. They will start at 1:45 PM NST. At 2:15, you will be presented with the results found for the round before, and if you have won, you will be able to collect your reward. You will also have to place a bet for the round you’re currently assisting. Note that you will have a total of 7 days (1 week) to collect what you have won. If you do not collect your reward, you will not be able to collect them afterward. Going after a trophy is the only reason that will make you decide that you do not want to collect your reward.

Pirates & Foods, Courses, Bets

You will have to gather information to know how you’re going to place a bet. You can find information about the pirates when you click on them. They will give you information about each pirate, meaning info about his strength, allergies and favorite foods. They will also give you information about his win/loss ratio and about his weight, which are not really necessary at this time.

After that you will be able to gather more information by clicking on courses. There you will be presented with the foods that will be present during the game. Every time you will click on a food type, you will be able to see its image and it will reveal what it belongs to.

You will also be able to click on next round to get the information based on the current round. There you will be able to see, respectively, all the pirates and the foods that will take place in each of the five arenas. There is also more information about the pirates and courses.

Clicking on each pirate to know their allergies and their favorite type(s) of foods can be really boring. For that reason, you will be able to find, below, a list, made in alphabetical order, that you give you all the information you need.

Pirate – Favorite Food(s) Category – Allergies

  1. Admiral Blackbeard – Vegetables – Fruits Dairy
  2. Bonnie Pip Culliford – Candy & Smoothies – Spicy Foods
  3. Buck Cutlass – Candy Vegetables
  4. Captain Crossblades – Slushies & Pizza – Salty Foods
  5. Fairfax the Deckhand – Vegetables & Fruits – Salty Foods
  6. Federismo Corvallio – Gross Foods & Pizza – Smoothies
  7. Franchisco Corvallio – Spicy Foods & Meats – Candy
  8. Gooblah the Grarrl – Meats – Slushies
  9. Lucky McKyriggan – Gross Foods – Pizza
  10. Ned the Skipper – Meats – Dairy
  11. Ol’ Stripey – Meats & Slushies Breads
  12. Orvinn the First Mate – Candy & Slushies & Pizza – Fruits
  13. Peg Leg Percival – Spicy Foods – Smoothies
  14. Puffo the Waister – Candy & Smoothies & Slushies – Meats
  15. Scurvy Dan the Blade – Salty Foods & Meats – Candy
  16. Sir Edmund Ogletree – Dairy – Breads
  17. Squire Venable – Breads – Fruits
  18. Stuff-A-Roo – Pizza – Neggs
  19. The Tailhook Kid – Vegetables – Neggs
  20. Young Sproggie – Meats & Neggs – Gross Foods

Clicking on each food to know its type is also very boring, which is why we will also provide a list for your knowledge.

Food Name – Food Category

  1. Anchovies – Salty Foods & Meats
  2. Apple Onion Rings – Fruits & Gross Foods
  3. Asparagus Pie – Vegetables
  4. Bacon Muffin – Meats & Breads
  5. Blueberry Tomato Blend – Fruits & Dairy & Smoothies
  6. Broccoli – Vegetables
  7. Broccoli and Cheese Pizza – Vegetables & Dairy & Pizza
  8. Bubbling Blueberry Pizza – Fruits & Pizza
  9. Cheese and Tomato Sub – Fruits & Breads & Dairy
  10. Cinnamon Swirl – Candy & Breads
  11. Eye Candy – Candy & Gross Foods
  12. Fish Negg – Neggs
  13. Flaming Burnumup – Spicy Foods & Vegetables
  14. Flaming Fire Faerie Pizza – Spicy Foods & Vegetables & Pizza
  15. Fresh Seaweed Pie – Salty Foods & Gross Foods
  16. Fungi Pizza – Gross Foods & Pizza
  17. Grapity Slush – Slushies
  18. Hot Cakes – Breads
  19. Hot Tyrannian Pepper – Spicy Foods & Vegetables
  20. Hotfish – Salty Foods & Meats
  21. Ice Chocolate Cake – Candy
  22. Joint of Ham – Meats
  23. Lemon Blitz – Fruits & Dairy & Smoothies
  24. Mallowicious Bar – Candy
  25. Mustard Ice Cream – Dairy & Gross Foods
  26. Negg Stew – Neggs
  27. Orange Negg – Neggs
  28. Rainborific Slush – Slushies
  29. Rainbow Negg – Neggs
  30. Rasmelon – Dairy & Smoothies
  31. Spicy Wings – Spicy Foods & Meats
  32. Streaky Bacon – Meats
  33. Strochal – Candy
  34. Super Lemon Grape Slush – Slushies
  35. Sushi – Salty Foods & Meats
  36. Tangy Tropic Slush – Slushies
  37. Ultimate Burger – Meats
  38. Wild Chocomato – Dairy & Smoothies
  39. Worm and Leech Pizza – Gross Foods & Pizza
  40. Wriggling Grub – Gross Foods

Note that you will have to play few times to know the pirates along with the food information they provide. The more you play, the better you will be. Knowing the favorite foods of a pirate along with its allergies will boost your knowledge because it will let you decide which one you should be placing a bet on, because you will have a better idea about what he will accomplish during the current round.

When you visit the place a bet section of the game, a blue Kacheek will tell you the amount of NP you can bet, depending on the age of your account. The older it is, the higher the bet you will be able to place.

Neopets Food Club Cheats

Always review the list provided above to learn about the pirates and about the foods. You will need a solid knowledge about the game before you start winning and making profit out of the bets. Your high score will be given depending on how many NP you will be able to collect in one time. This is why if you’re going after a trophy you should never collect your bets when the recent rounds have just ended. You will get a total of 7 days to claim your rewards before they get removed permanently.

It is recommended that, if you’re going after a trophy, to start playing at the last week of the month so that you can claim your winnings during the first day of the next new month. This way, you will increase your chance of getting a trophy.

As for the strategy you should take, it really depends on your gaming style. Remember that it is a game based on bets and that there is no secret. Playing over and over will help you memorize the food types and the pirates with their respective allergies, which will give you an extra boost, thus leading to better results. Keep playing and you will get better, that’s really the way to go. Whenever going for a trophy, you should always bet the maximum amount you can so that you can get a better score.

Finally, this game is all about knowledge and risk, which is normal for those who decide to take the gambling side of the life.

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