Neopets The Haunted Shootery

Neopets The Haunted Shootery- watch your step because this shooting gallery is located in the shadows in the Haunted woods… so beware!!!
A Lutari there runs the show, his strange mannerisms will draw you in closer to attempt to win a trophy with this game!

Gold Trophy           Silver Trophy           Bronze Trophy

How to Play

Targets will fly across you screen, pop out of nowhere and come in from the sides. You need to shoot these down sometimes with multiple shots. There are three stages all up. The first one is much easier compared to the second one and the third one is pretty hard. Targets will move quicker and appear in a shorter amount of time after the first stage, so start practicing your aiming there, you wont have time to practice in the second or third.  You will be attempting to hit up to 150 targets in just over 4 minutes  all up. Each level; the timer will increase because there will be more targets in each level.

At the end of the third level you will fight the Boss. The  ‘Blathering Beech.’  He will keep moving forward and get closer to you. You do not want him too close or else he will attack you. If you are attacked you will see a flash of red and that will reduce the light bulb that is on the bottom left corner of your screen. Once all three bulbs are out you will end your game and will have to try again for that trophy. Instead of letting him win, shoot his arms and legs. They are harder to aim for but it is worth it. 10 shots each limb to make one break off. Once you have all 4 you need to then aim for the body which will take another 10 shots.  So altogether he takes 50 shots to be beaten but you will gain 2 points per shot which means 100 points towards your score. Once he is defeated you will be awarded another 100 points to go towards your high score.


Your score is down the bottom of the screen but only two digits will appear. Once you reach 99 the next number will show 90 instead of 100. Do not worry though, eventually the second number will appear as if its angled and your score will be counted!!

If you have to pick between stationary targets and moving ones, go the stationary ones first and then go for the moving ones. You should end up hitting more that way. You also need to hit them more than once depending on the type.

Targets and Points

If you see that image below
 This will end up costing you 5 points and if you are aiming for those trophies you do not want that!

Ghost Meepit

The Ghost Meepit only takes one shot to kill and worth a massive 15 points

Black Elm

Ominous Stone

These two guys are both worth 2 points when you hit them then you will get another 7 points once they are hit again. They are both stationary so it shouldn’t be too hard.

This tombstone will move right to left and worth 2 points initially when shot and 5 points once hit again.

This guy will fly left to right and is worth 2 points for the first hit, 2 points for the second and 4 points for the third.

Neopets The Haunted Shootery Cheats:

Ignore your life meter until you get passed level 3 and reach the boss battle, really, no other target can hurt you.
Just keep firing at the boss. Your shots, if aim at the boss will eventually get rid of something from him.
Practice your accuracy early in the game to have that advantage in the later level.
Just try to hit the moving targets even if they go too fast.
Get that ghost Meepit, but if he is too fast get the other targets first.

Good luck! With enough points hopefully you will get gold to add to your collection!









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