Neopets Extreme Potato Counter

Extreme Potato Counter is an Action game that involves exactly what the title suggest: counting potatoes. Except instead of boring little spuds you get to try your best at finding the exact number of flying vegetables for every round. That’s right, flying. Not just potatoes, mind you, but also some carrots, corn and other random items floating around the screen. It’s madness! Each potato comes from a random side of the screen at various different times, sometimes all at once. They twist, twirl, and tumble across the game and it is your job to count them. A radical Wocky is there to tell you when you’ve hit the mark or just missed it at the end of each round. Though this game may prove difficult at times, it is easy to learn and even can award you with an avatar!

Neopets Extreme Potato Counter Instructions everything about this game seems to be extreme, the controls are perhaps the easiest ones to learn. All you do is hit the play button and let the potatoes start flying across the screen. Each round is randomized so you’ll never know what will come from where, or how many there will be. There is an estimated guess as to how many potatoes come each round, and those will be detailed later on in this guide. You simply sit and watch, counting each potato as it goes by, until nothing else is flying across the screen. At the end you will be automatically directed to a different screen that will ask you to guess the amount you saw pass by. Use the keyboard to type in your number (e.g. 8, 12, 24) and hit the guess? button. Only put in the number of potatoes for the round you are on, not how many you’ve seen throughout the entire game. The radical Wocky will then tell you whether you have guessed correctly, or were wrong. It will show you your answer, the correct answer, and your current total amount of points.

This game is really simple to understand but hard to play. It requires a lot of patience. The object of the game is to try to count all the potatoes as accurate as possible. Make sure you only count the potatoes and not other objects, like carrots, that are flying around. As you move through the level, the potatoes will move around faster and the more confusing it will get. Just try your best and use good judgment.

Neopets Extreme Potato Counter Cheats

Watch out for any distractions! Carrots, corn, and various other objects can also fly around the screen trying to disguise themselves as potatoes. Don’t count these! As the rounds go on, these objects become more frequent and can easily mess up your counting. All of these vegetables move progressively faster each time you advance. This keeps the game exciting, but also makes it difficult! The potatoes can also potentially overlap one another, as well as only appear in the corner for a brief flyby.

  • In the first round, the number of potatoes will not go over 10. The second round, the number will be under 20. The later rounds can have up to 35+ potatoes.
  • It helps to have several people playing the game with you. That way you can have confirmation on the number of potatoes.
  • It helps to count out the potatoes with your mouse pointer.
  • Also count out loud so you don’t have to remember it in your head.

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