Neopets Daily Dare

Neopets Daily Dare is a challenge between AAA and Abigail where you will have to show off your skills. Neopets Daily Dare is about knowledge and confidence. If you’re confident enough and good at game, AAA should be your opponent. However, if you’re good at games but not enough to master AAA, Abigail will be your opponent.


Daily Dare will usually run for about 20 days where you will have to challenge AAA or Abigail depending on your skills for specific games. To challenge one of them, you will have to go to the main page of Daily Dare and select your opponent. Once you choose your opponent, you will not be able to change later and you will not be able to challenge both of them during a day. For example, during a specific day, let’s say you choose Abigail, you will not be able to choose AAA once you beat her. It is recommended that you first try the game before you make a choice about who you will be challenging, as sometimes you will be better than what you thought!

Difficulties & Important Information

When you will want to choose one of the challengers, you will notice that Abigail’s challenges are less challenging than AAA’s because they are simply lower to give a chance to everyone to participate in the event. You will not be able to change your opponent for the challenge of x game whenever you choose, which is why you should choose wisely. Sometimes, even if you’re not that skilled, guides can be of a great help for your success.

During the day, as you already know, the maximum amount of scores you will be able to send is three. If, however, you’ve already played the maximum amount of time a specific game, you will not be blocked from sending more scores, you will just not be able to receive anymore Neopoints. It is recommended that you do not send a score that is not matching or beating the challenger’s score, because it happens that sometimes there is a glitch and will cost you probably a day and date prize. If you are able to complete the challenge you pick at the day of release, you will win a day and date prize for AAA or Abigail, depending on whoever you choose. If you successfully manage to finish all of the challenges on the release day, you will be given a bonus prize at the end of the event. The bonus prize is unknown. It can be an expensive item just like it can be a little boost for your trophy level.

You are not allowed to play Daily Dare on your side accounts simply because it will make you earn Neopoints when trying to complete a challenge. Doing so will higher your risk of being permanently frozen. Make sure you only play on your main account. Whenever you complete a challenge, you will see the challenger you’ve picked at the right of the screen near the three top players for the specific game. You will be able to click on it to return to the Daily Dare page or simply go to the main page by another way (ex: going to the welcome page of Neopets and clicking on Daily Dare) so that you can successfully click on the empty box that will be shown next to your challenge. This will give you a prize for the challenge you’ve completed. If it was a double dare day, that will be described later, you will be awarded with two prizes instead of one additionally to the Day and Date prize.

Daily Dare Cheats

When you play against one of the challengers, you will, as you already know, be awarded a prize. Note that the value of AAA’s prizes will always be more than Abigail’s because his scores are much more higher and not many people will be able to get them. You can use a kind of a “cheat” to get the prize that you really deserve.

Instead of choosing the challenger you want, knowing that you have the skills or not, simply go to the game and try to achieve the maximum possible score. Before that, note on a piece of paper or on a notepad the score for both challengers. Play as many times as you can to get the maximum possible score. Let’s say you thought you would not be able to beat AAA, but you successfully achieve his score, simply open another page window and go challenge him. After that, on your other window, press send score so you can successfully defeat him. Same thing applies for Abigail. If you thought you were confident enough to master AAA but the scores you’ve got does not prove so, on another window page, challenge Abigail then send the score on your first page. This way, if you were better than expected, you can get AAA’s score defeated. If, however, you were not skilled enough for the specific game, you will not lose the Daily Dare by simply getting a participation medal, instead, you will be able to get the bronze trophy or even the silver. During the Daily Dare, on many occasions, AAA’s score will not be very challenging. Just use this cheat mentioned above and you will be fine for all of the challenges.

Neopets Daily Dare – Double Dare

During the Daily Dare, a double dare will be offered for you to complete. The double dare will be available one or two times during each week when the Daily Dare event is active. To get both of the bonus prizes, you will have to defeat AAA’s score. After that, you will qualify for both, AAA and Abigail’s prize for your own purpose. If you do not want to do it because you feel that you can not beat AAA, it is not a problem. Just challenge Abigail. If, however, you pick AAA’s score knowing you can not defeat him and fail to beat it during the day (for the day and date prize), you will always be able to beat him another day, but you will not qualify for the bonus prize at the end of the event, or for the Day and Date prize. You can use the previously mentioned cheat to help you be the most successful as possible.

Neopets Daily Dare – Team Challenge

During the event of Daily Dare, as many as 3 team challenges will be offered for you to complete. Each one of these will start on Friday and last through the day of Sunday. During the team challenge, you will be able to, once you pick your challenge, party up with a real Neopets player who has the same challenger as you. However, you will both have to beat the said score of x challenger (AAA or Abigail). If you are both able to successfully complete the challenge, a reward will be given to you and it is a team challenge prize that comes in addition to the prize you would have earned. Note that it is not possible for the Daily Dare event to offer a Double Dare and a Team Challenge at the same day, they are two different stories.

To successfully send a party invite to a player, you will have to visit the team challenge hub in order to invite a friend or even another player to participate with you. To go to the team challenge hub, simply click on the “Team Challenge” logo on the side of the game picture. Note that if any of the two players will fail at sending the required score, no one of you will receive the team challenge bonus prize. For that reason, you will have to really trust the person you’re going to party up with. When you go to the Neoboards on the Games or on the Daily Dare board, you will find people who’ve successfully beaten x challenger but are waiting, on another browser page, to party up with someone in order to receive the team prize. Never party with someone that looks fishy to you. View his / her account to see if there is effort. If his / her account is empty, it does not mean that he is a scammer, but there is a risk that he will simply trick you to party up with him and he will never send his score. Always go with someone you trust. Alternatively, you can create another account and do both challenges yourself.

Have fun.

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