Neopets Dubloon Disaster

In Dubloon Disaster, you control a pirate named Dorak, trying to collect dubloons with his rowboat. You need to evade mines that will chase after you, while still grabbing the dubloons to continue through the game. There is a bit of luck to this game, but a lot of it is skill – and you can learn some skill right here.

How to Win

Well, you can’t win; the game goes on until you die… but that’s beside the point! Anyway, every time you collect a dubloon, a mine appears on the screen – to a point. Once there are nine mines seeking you out, no more will appear unless two of them collide and explode. You can use this to your advantage to get a very high score.
What you’ll want to do is begin your game and collect dubloons until there are nine of them. Then, get as close to the center of the screen as you think you safely can (and you’ll develop an eye for what is safe and what isn’t with practice, but you’ll have some sense of it when you start nonetheless). The mines will move toward the center; once they’re all away from the walls, get out of the center. Now they should be bunched together in a group, making it easier to ward all of them away from a dubloon that you need to collect.


 photo Grouping.png

This is a good example of a group.

If a dubloon shows up on the screen near the group of mines, you need to know how to collect it. Look at where it is within the flock – in the middle? Are most of the mines moving away from it, or are they moving past it to get to you?
Let’s say, for an example, that you’re on the south end of the screen. A dubloon is right in the middle of the screen, and so is the flock of mines. You should stay where you are until all of the mines have gone past it, and there’s a decent gap between the last mine and the dubloon. Go northeast (or northwest, since it’s in the center), then go the appropriate direction to collect it, and zoom out of there before a mine gets you. Basically, just be where you want the mines to go.
There is another way of playing: you have two mines, and you go to a point equally distant from either of them. Once they meet, they will explode.


 photo Explosion.png

Here, these two mines are about to collide.

The thing is, the technique I was talking about earlier is more effective. It takes less work to just round them up, and there’s no risk of a mine spwaning under your boat (an instant game over) if there aren’t any mines spawning, right? It’s better to stick with grouping.


Multiplayer Mode

You can choose to play in Multiplayer to be able to play against one to three other people, using the same keyboard. The first to collect a certain number of dubloons is the winner.

Other Information

-There are seven different dubloons.

Worth 10 points

Worth 25 points

Worth 50 points

Worth 100 points

Worth 250 points

Worth 500 points

Worth 1000 points

-Whirlpools appear randomly, and very rarely, in the game; they try to suck you and the mines into it. Paddle away from it to avoid losing the game.




-I recommend turning off the water effects in the game menu; it might be just me, but if I leave them on the game plays very slowly.

-I don’t use the down arrow key (backpedaling) very often, but if you need to make a quick getaway from the direction you came from, then that key will be your friend.

-If you need to make a quick stop to avoid running into a mine, push one of the side arrow keys. It’s faster than just letting go of the up key.

-You can earn an avatar from this game by earning 2500 points.

-If you want to earn a trophy from Dubloon Disaster, you’ll need 2000 to 3000 points on the first day of the month.

-The biggest thing about this game is that the more you play, the better you’ll get. “Practice makes perfect.” People say that a lot, but I can attest to the fact that it really is true in this case.


Neopets Dubloon Disaster Cheats

-You can type in ‘jboogie’ at the main screen of the game to watch an animation.

-While playing in Multiplayer, type in ‘pooltoy’ to make your ship bounce more when you hit another ship.

-Type in ‘scallywags’ while playing in Single Player to make a whirlpool appear.

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