Neopets Attack of the Gummy Dice

Neopets Attack of the Gummy Dice is a game where you need to place blocks of gummy dice on a board in groups to destroy them. If you’re lucky enough to get a high score, Attack of the Gummy Dice will reward you with this shiny trophy.


Playing Guide





This is what the game screen looks like when you start a game. The grid at the bottom with the gummy dice is where you drop the gummy dice that you’re carrying, which can be seen floating up at the top. The highlighted squares in the top corner are where your floating dice would drop to if you decided to drop them.


The controls in this game are used to move the gummy dice at the top.

-Press the space bar to drop the dice.

-Press the up, left, right, and down keys to move the dice.

-Press the A and S keys to flip your dice.


When you drop enough dice that five or more blocks of the same colour are touching each other, those blocks will disappear, and you’ll get points. The more dice you explode at the same time, the more points you will get per block (with small groups, like five or six dice, you get 1 point per block; with bigger groups, you might get 1.5 or even 2 points per block).


There are many levels in Gummy Dice; you move on from a level after you’ve exploded the number of dice that it tells you to explode on the right side of the screen. At the end of each level, you will lose one point for every die that’s left on the grid. So if you beat Level Two with fifteen dice left on the grid, you will lose fifteen points. Also, from Level Two onwards, every time you drop dice, a die of a random colour will appear on the grid in a random place. This can be very annoying as it might get in the way of a group you’re trying to make.


The only way to lose this game is to make a stack of dice so high that it reaches the top of the dice area. Once that happens, you will lose.




When you start the game, there are three different colours of dice that you might get. As you pass more levels, the number of available colours increases, making it more difficult to get a group of the same colour together.

In addition, there are a few special dice:


This die changes colour over and over again until you drop it onto the grid. You need to time your drop well if you’re trying to make it be a specific colour when it gets dropped. This die can only be found from Level Three onwards.


This die, when dropped onto a stack of dice, will make every die below it turn into the same colour. So, take this red rainbow die right here: if you drop it onto a stack of five dice, then you’ll have a stack of six red dice, no matter what colour the others were beforehand. Some big groups can be made when you use this die.


This die looks like a bomb, and that’s exactly what it is. When you drop it, every die that’s directly below it will explode, and you’ll get points like you would if they had been a group of the same colour. If you drop it onto an empty square, you’ll get one point.


This die is a rock. When dropped, it becomes nothing but an obstacle that gets in the way; you can’t make groups out of rocks. They can only go away if you drop a bomb or a rainbow die on top of it.




There isn’t a general strategy that can be used for the game, at least not that I see, but there are a couple things you can do to make things easier.


-Attack of the Gummy Dice isn’t timed, which is a great thing for any game. You can take breaks whenever you want, without consequences. However, this changes when you reach Level Nine. Once you hit that level, dice will start appearing on the grid even while you’re moving and dropping your dice.

-If you have a bomb or a rainbow die, you should drop it on the tallest stack of dice that you have on the grid. More dice means more points, and points are always good.


Neopets Attack of the Gummy Dice Cheats


-You can type ‘gummydice’ at any time when you’re playing to change the colour of all the dice that you’re moving. They’ll all change to the same colour, but you can’t control what colour they change to. You can only use it once per game.

-Typing ‘explode’ while you’re playing will change all of the dice you’re moving into bombs. This is the most helpful when you have lots of dice at the top, as well as several tall stacks that are right next to each other. This can only be done once per game.

-Lastly, type ‘delightful’ while playing to change all of your dice into rainbow dice. They’ll stay the same colour that they are, but they’ll also be rainbow dice. Again, you get the most out of this when you’re moving lots of dice, with several tall stacks next to each other down at the bottom. This cheat can also be used just once per game.


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