Neopets Neopian Pound

The Neopian Pound is one of the more depressing areas of the site. This is where all of the disowned Neopets go, some never to be adopted for years. You can disown your Neopets here with Dr. Death (the Yellow Techo) or adopt one with the Pink Uni.

Adopting And Disowning

To disown a pet:

  • You must be able to pay 250 Neopoints in fees.
  • The pet must be already born from Create a Neopet (and in your quick ref).
  • You must not have already disowned a pet the same day.
  • All petpets attached and (pet) trophies won will go with the pet. Battledome equipment, however, will be automatically detached.

To adopt a pet:

  • You must be able to pay between 50 and several thousand Neopoints, depending on the pet.
  • You must have three or fewer Neopets.
  • Your account must be over four months old to adopt level 3 and up pets, limited-edition pets, or some of the rarer painted pets. They should also cost more Neopoints to adopt.
  • You must either know the Neopet name, or browse through all of them with the ‘Find a Neopet at Random’ button.


First of all, be aware that no method is foolproof when transferring pets. There is a chance you will lose your pet to someone who won’t even reply to your Neomails, or is too young to even receive Neomails. The Neopets Team doesn’t exactly endorse transferring pets. The faster your Internet connection, the greater chance you will have that your transfer will be successful. In addition, be sure all of the above requirements are also met. Leave plenty of Neopoints out on each account transferring, and make sure the second account isn’t too young if it is a rarer Neopet. Many people have lost Neopets this way!

Transferring to your own accounts:

Open up two browsers and log into the accounts abandoning and adopting the pet. Whichever browser loads pages faster should be used to adopt the pet, but this isn’t too important. Now in the browser/account adopting the pet, copy and paste the following link into the URL, and add your pet’s name to the end of it. Do not press enter yet.

Again, make sure you have plenty of Neopoints out (several thousand or more to be safe, if you can). In the first account, I would recommend to remove all petpets (if not going for any avatars) and battledome equipment from your pet, and directly sending those items to the second account separately.

When you’re ready to transfer (with a strong Internet connection), send your disowning-account to the pound and click through the buttons until you see ‘NOOOO!!’ on the button. Take a deep breath and click that button. Switch browsers as quickly as you can and click ‘Go’ or hit enter to go to the URL pasted in your adopting-account’s browser. If the adoption doesn’t work, hit refresh until it does, or if you must, visit the pound and search for your pet name in the search engine. If all goes well, you should have your pet happily sitting in your adopting-account!

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