Neopets Spacerocked!

Dr Sloth is back in Neopets Spacerocked! In Neopets Spacerocked! You are a fighter, trying to destroy Dr Sloth’s space ship by sling shotting rocks at his ship.
Dodge obstacles, bounce and fly your way through three rounds of slingshot fun to gain a nifty avatar or better yet aim for those trophies.

There are three levels in total in Neopets Spacerocked! You are the Grundo aiming your slinshot with the arrow keys on the keyboard. The sling shot will change colour from red ( little power) to green ( powerful shots.) Your aim is to knock down Dr Sloths space ship within three tries per level. Each level is different; you will have a larger sling shot each time with different items to hit the space ship with.

 (Note: Each time you play the obstacles will be in a different position, even your item that you launch maybe different.)

Once you launch your item towards Dr Sloths space ship, you will be coming against different obstacles. Some will slow you down, give you points, give you more life and some will stop you in your path completely. You will get three attempts at hitting Dr Sloths space ship. If you fail to hit the ship within those three tries than your game is over. For you to get the avatar you are needing to hit the space ship at least three times.


Being the Orange Grundo who is in charge of the sling shot you need to move your arrow keys up and down to position the item that is being flung towards your destination. Once you are happy with your positioning you need to press the space bar. Once your target is in the air you will see it start to fall down bumping into objects. You will have the option whether to press “B” and get the Purple Grundo to give you a little help or just watch to see what happens.

Large RockRed meteorSolid pipesCracked spot

You will come across different size meteors. but do not worry. They will all act the same way. The only thing is that the red ones will stop you in your tracks.  There are also pipes that you need to watch out for.  There are also cracks in the ground that will take away a life.  You can avoid these by pressing “B”  but to gain more points you sometimes need to take that chance.

How to get Points
Green meteorPurple GrundoPurple patch

You will get points  by how much your projectile travelled. You will also obtain points by destroying the ship. 2,000 points are awarded for the first level, 3,500 for the second and 5,000 for the third and final. There are also obstacles that you can run into to gain you extra points. You will get 200 points to hit the Orange Grundo, 500 points for the Purple Grundo and 1,000 points for the dark patch of dirt. Once again it is all random and these will change position every time.

Neopets Spacerocked! Cheats

To get a higher score make sure you use all three tries per level.

On your first attempt aim low to hit the dirt and the last try aim high to decrease the risk of hitting red meteors and pipes.

You can also get an avatar for scoring 13,500+ points

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