Neopets Ghoul Catchers Cheats

Ghoul Catchers is the latest Neopets App to be released across many platforms. We’ve got cheats, tips, hacks, and more for Ghoul Catchers!

Ghoul Catchers is now live! While cheating on the mobile version of the game may be a bit difficult (we have yet to find anything), cheating on the Facebook version however is much more easily done. We have found some Ghoul Catchers cheats, that will allow you to have unlimited lives as well as easily get many points. We will be using Cheat Engine for this.

Ghoul Catchers Unlimited Lives

Have both Ghoul Catchers and Cheat Engine open.

Now within Cheat Engine, go to Select a Process, and select ‘Plugin Container’. As seen below.

Ghoul Catchers Cheats

Now select ‘Enable Speed Hack’, and set the Speed to 500. Now you will have unlimited lives, and need not worry about them. This is shown below.

Ghoul Catcher Cheat

That’s it!

Ghoul Catchers Hack – To Get Many Points Easily!

If you play around and experiment with Cheat Engine a little, you’ll discover many glitches you can perform with the game. Here’s one of them.

Start a game of Ghoul Catchers, but don’t start submitting any of your moves first. Open up Cheat Engine, and select ‘Plugin Container’ as your process again.

Ghoul Catchers Cheats

For the ‘Box’ value, enter in 30, and than hit First Scan.

Ghoul Catchers Hack

Now go back to Ghoul Catchers, and submit one move.  Now edit the box value to 29, and hit Next Scan.

Continue this cycle mentioned above, until the value in the ‘Box’ is 1. Now double click, what is shown below.

Neopets Ghoul Catchers

You can get unlimited moves here by just replacing the low number. For examples if you want more moves, than just put 30, and now you have 30 remaining moves left to go. There is a glitch here as well, when you obtain the first star, this happens:

Ghoul Catchers High Score

Credits to dark_12 for finding these!

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