Neopets Bagatelle

Neopets Bagatelle is a game in the Deserted Fairground where you toss a Mootix onto a wooden board with slots on the bottom; the Mootix will land in one of sixteen slots, and you will get a different prize depending on which slots it fell into. Neopets Bagatelle awards no trophies, but if you’re very lucky, you can win a jackpot of several million Neopoints.

Playing Guide

There’s honestly not much to say about Bagatelle. You get to play twenty times a day, and each time you play, you must pay 250 Neopoints. Once you pay the fee, the owner of the Bagatelle stand throws a Mootix onto a wooden board in front of you:

It is very rare that the Mootix lands in a slot marked with a number greater than 6. The further left the slot your Mootix lands in is, the better your prize is. If you’re playing Bagatelle with hopes to make some Neopoints, you’re probably going to be disappointed. You only make a profit if you land further left than slot 4, and your profits aren’t very big unless you land on one of the stars.


Slot 1: Nothing

Slot 2: 5 Neopoints

Slot 3: 50 Neopoints

Slot 4: 250 Neopoints

Slot 5: 1000 Neopoints

Slot 6: 2000 Neopoints

Slot 7: 3000 Neopoints

Slot 8: 4000 Neopoints

Slot 9: 5000 Neopoints

Slot 10: 10000 Neopoints

Slot 11: 20000 Neopoints

Grey/White Stars: A random prize, exclusive to Bagatelle (some are worth 1000 Neopoints, some are worth millions of Neopoints)

Gold Star: The jackpot

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