Neopets Raiders of Maraqua

Raiders of Maraqua is a Neopets game where you play as a Koi called Karpoh, who swims down to the ruins of Old Maraqua in his quest for treasure, with only his power to form bubbles as his companion. However, a range of obstacles can hinder your progress to treasure, from rocks and debris to Jetsams and aggressive petpets. In Raiders of Maraqua, you must successfully pass by these obstacles and get the treasure to the treasure chest in order to get the highest score possible.


The game Raiders of Maraqua can be good fun particularly if you plan well and use strategy appropriately; however due to glitches and other events, your plans and strategies may unravel. Use the cheats and solutions here in order to make the game play as smooth as possible.


Raiders of Maraqua Gameplay

raiders of maraqua

The goal in the game Raiders of Maraqua is to push any valuables objects that are found during a level to a treasure chest, so that the waiting pirates can pull the chests up on to their ship. When you’ve finished collecting all of the treasures in a level, you can move on to the next level.

Raiders of Maraqua consists of 20 levels, which you proceed through during the course of the game.

The controls for Raiders of Maraqua are simple. You can move Karpoh up, down, left and right with the up, down, left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. The space bar is also used in order to push bubbles on the screen, as well as to pop them. You must first push the bubbles to a position on the screen where it cannot continue to move in the direction you are pushing it. Once you’ve got it trapped and you’re facing that direction, just press the space bar again.

You start the game with four lives, which you may lose throughout the course of the game.

There are many types of obstacle and enemy you might encounter during the course of the game. Some of the obstacles you might come across are rocks, bubbles, and broken debris from ruins. Many times, they will hinder you; however, some of the time they may in fact help you.

Along with obstacles, you also have to worry about the range of enemies, including Jetsams and other sea monsters which will pop up at random moments during the course of level. These not only will make you lose a life if they bump into you, but they can also move around bubbles, rocks and treasure coins on the level. You can defeat these enemies by pushing obstacles into them, such as bubbles or rocks. This will earn you five points. However, once you get further into the level, after a certain point you will not be awarded points for doing this.

One interesting enemy you’ll encounter is the Slug Monster. As he swims around the level, he may occasionally leave a bubble behind him, which again may help or hinder your progression through the game.


Types of objects in Raiders of Maraqua

  • Bubble – This will appear as a light blue bubble. This is the most common type of bubble you’ll encounter. You can push these around the level quite easily, and will move around until you push them against a solid object, such as a wall or a rock. Once you reach this solid object, just continue pushing against it with your space bar in order to pop it.
  • Dark blue bubble – This will look exactly like the normal bubble, but darker in colour. Unlike the normal bubbles, you can’t just push these around and easily pop them against solid objects. The only way these bubbles will be popped is if you hit them with a moving rock.
  • Treasure – This can come in either the form of a yellow shell with an M on it, or a snowflake gem with a star on it. These cannot be destroyed by any obstacles or enemies, even when pushed by you. They also cannot be moved around the screen. Each time you collect one of these and take it back to the treasure chest, it will award you 5 points each.
  • Chest – The chest is important as you will need to place treasure into it in order to finish the level. You can approach the chest from any direction or side.
  • Gold – This will come in the shape of a tiny gold four-sided star, much smaller than the normal treasure. Collecting each of these will get you 5 points added to you score, and this is the only treasure you can get where you don’t have to put it into the treasure chest in order to get the points.
  • Red first aid cross – This will award you an extra life. It will apply even if your life counter is already full (i.e. you have four or more lives already)
  • Transparent bubbles – Sometimes known as the Floating 10, Floating 10 Bubble (because the bubble used to have a 10 in the middle), or the Floating Bonus Bubble. These bubbles may float up from the bottom half of the screen when you have managed to kill an enemy. If you collect these, they will award points to your total score. The chance of these being awarded is random and can give you a large amount of points – see the Scoring section of this article for more information.

Raiders of Maraqua: Scoring

In Raiders of Maraqua, you can earn points through three different methods.

Firstly, you can earn points by pushing treasure into the chest. As mentioned above, you get 5 points for either of the types of treasure you put into the chest.

Secondly, you can get points by defeating enemies through the course of the level. The first time you kill an enemy by pushing a moving object into it, you get 5 points. For each time after that where you kill an enemy on that level, you’ll get 10 points. Remember that you won’t continue getting points forever, as there is a cut off point to how much you can score from killing enemies in a level.

Thirdly, you can earn points by collecting bonuses. These are through the form of floating bubbles that you are awarded after killing enemies, but only on a random chance. These can also be achieved when you kill multiple enemies in a single shot.

In terms of a base total, through the whole game of Raiders of Maraqua, you can get 415 points, awarded through the form of 41 treasures and 42 enemies which give 5 points each. This isn’t enough to get the avatar, which is 800 points, and certainly not enough for a trophy. This can be supplemented through firstly collecting the little pieces of gold which are found randomly during the course of the game (and which are 5 points each), killing a combination of multiple enemies in one hit, and from bonus transparent bubbles that you get randomly from killing enemies.

If you kill an enemy, you will get 5 points. If you kill 2 enemies with a bubble or rock, you will win 10 points. If you kill three, you’ll get 20 points.


If you kill an enemy and get the random transparent bubble event, you should aim to collect it where at all possible! If you collect it, the bubble is worth 5 points as a base, but is multiplied by the number of the level that you are in at the time you collect the bubble. For example, if you’re on level 5 and collect a bubble, you’ll get 5 x 5 = 25 points. This is great in later levels, where you can quickly amass a whole heap of points simply by fighting enemies.


When an enemy is defeated, there is a random chance that a transparent bubble will begin to float up from the bottom of the screen. When collected, this bubble is worth 5 points multiplied by the number of the level you’re currently in; if you were to collect one in level ten, it would be worth 50 points. A good way to earn points is to replay later levels that have a large number of bubbles in them, in order to fight as many enemies as possible. Since you retain any points you gained in a level if you’re hit by an enemy or press the Restart Level button, you should focus on levels you know you can score a large number of points in.

Neopets Raiders of Maraqua Strategy


The best way to aim at getting the avatar is as follows in the guide below.


Firstly, aim at progressing through the levels up to level 16, and just surviving through this. Don’t stress too much about getting the highest amount of points possible. Once you get to level 16 or level 17, it’s time to start aiming for points. Once you’re at this point and you start playing, focus first on getting any bonus treasure points that are on the level. After this, start aiming at killing all fo the enemies and getting the bonus points if possible from this. Because the extra bonus for killing multiple enemies (e.g. you can kill one enemy and get 5 points, you kill three in one shot and get 20 points), it’s not really recommended to try and line these all up perfectly. Of course, if the moment arises, take it!


In order to get the avatar, the best method is to focus on destroying and defeating your enemies. The more enemies you destroy, the more transparent bubbles you’ll have a chance at collecting. In these top levels, where you’ll get multipliers of 5 by 16, 17, 18 and 19, getting these bubbles means a massive amounts added to your score. Even getting one can be 80 points added to your score! That means you only need 5 transparent bubbles on level 16 (5 * 5 * 16) to get 400 points, which is more than enough to get 415 + 400 = 815 (if you manage to complete all the levels, that is) – and that’s not even taking the enemies and killing them, and the points awarded from that, into consideration. Remember, however, that these bubbles are randomly awarded, and therefore you may have to kill a lot of enemies to get these.




Neopets Raiders of Maraqua Cheats


  • You start the game with four lives. In order to get more lives through the course of the game, you can find these through power-ups. Another quick and easy way to get a life is to use a cheat code. The code used is 1morekarpohplease. You can use this code and type it in at any point during the game. However, if you already have four lives or more than four lives, it won’t be activated. The best time to type this code in is when you don’t have many enemies around – for example, in level 4 or level 8. This means you won’t be distracted away from defending yourself from enemies. Although the code won’t work when you have 4 or more lives, the extra life power-up that you may encounter during the course of the game will give you an extra life, no matter how many you already have saved up.
  • In order to get the highest amount of points and aim for the avatar or for a trophy, a great strategy is to focus on replaying later levels in the game which have a large number of bubbles and enemies, and kill as many enemies as you can. As you keep any points you get in a level even if you press the ‘Restart Level’ option or you lose a life to an enemy, it’s a great tactic to concentrate on replaying the levels where you know you can get a high amount of points.
  • There are many guides out there that have amounted multiple screenshots of levels and the best path to take through them, as many levels are mostly static in some way. On Jellyneo, you can even use an interactive level solution program, where you can select a level from the drop down menu and then watch animations that guide you through the progression of the level. When you watch the Raiders of Maraqua level solution, you can see the direction in which a rock, bubble etc. should be pushed which will be shown with a green arrow. An X will demonstrate that a bubble needs to be popped at a certain stage. However, remember that these solutions aren’t completely static – there will be enemies you have to pass that will make it difficult to complete the level exactly as shown. You’ll therefore have to invent ways to get around enemies when and as they appear.
  • Sometimes there will be moments when bubbles are popped at a time when they shouldn’t be. In these occasions, it can be possible to get a Slug Monster to make new bubbles!
  • Another tip for aiming for a high score is to restart the game over and over until you get either two or three bonus small gold treasures, or an extra life, in the first level.
  • Instead of trying to focus on beating level 19, concentrate on getting the highest score you can – particularly if you have a large storage of lives!
  • On level 20, there is no treasure. All you will have on this level is bubbles and enemies that appear. Therefore, the only way to get through level 19 is to defeat as many enemies as possible, using the fewest amount of bubbles possible, whilst aiming for the bonus transparent bubbles where you can.
  • Focus on the bubbles floating up the screen in order to get the best chance at a high score.
  • One glitch, which is so important it is considered as a tip, is NOT to collect the small gold pieces too quickly. The game not register them as separate objects if you collect them too quickly, meaning that instead of getting the bonus points for 2 or more, you’ll only get the bonus points for one of them.
  • Aim first at getting the treasures into the chest, except for one of them. Then defeat the enemies!


Neopets Raiders of Maraqua Walkthrough


Level 1

Firstly, push the bubble that is below you downwards, and move towards the second treasure. Pop the balloon in front of this, and push it over to get to the first treasure. Get rid of the bubbles next to the chest and push the treasures upwards into the chest. Push one in, and leave one next to it. Return to collecting any other bonuses in the level. Push bubbles into any enemies on the level in order to collect some extra points and see if you can get some floating transparent bubbles. Once your bubbles are low, go back to the chest and push the second treasure in, completing the first level.


Level 2

This level is very simple. Turn right from where you start and push the boulder until it rights the right wall. Then focus on pushing the dark bubble up so you get the second treasure. Push the first treasure into the chest. Get rid of the bubble in the way and push the second treasure towards the right. Focus on bonuses and continue to push bubbles into enemies to get further bonuses. Once you’re low on bubbles, head to the top and pop any more bubbles in the way before pushing the second treasure into the chest.


Level 3

Ensure you have there bubbles lined up in a row on the left side of the chest, then go upwards and pop the bubble which is located between the two rocks. Then, push the right boulder along to the right wall, and then head down and push the first treasure into the chest. Nerxt, pop the bubbles which are left between yourself and the second treasure, and push it close to the chest. Complete the bonuses and defeat the enemies as normal, and then push the second treasure into the chest.


Level 4

As long as there are no glitches on this level, this is easy! Just move the treasure along to the right, then down and right. Push it down from above. Then go to the bubble and push it upwards, and go around the boulder. The rest of the level is easy.


Level 5

An easy level! Push the first treasure into the chest, defeat the enemies, and push the second treasure in at the end.


Level 6

This level is a little trickier, but if you line up the bubbles correctly you won’t have a problem.

From the beginning of the level, go down, get rid of the bubble, and push the dark blue one down, before popping the bubble to your right. Get three bubbles lined up on the right hand side of the chest, ensuring the top one is light blue so it can be popped. Push the first treasure over this and into the chest.

Then the second treasure is much more simple. Line up bubbles so there is a line across them. Go up the screen and get rid of the bubbles around the treasure. Push it down, to the left, and down so it’s resting on top of the row of bubbles and is near the chest. Once you’ve defeated all the enemies, push it into the chest.


Level 7

From the beginning of the level, push one bubble underneath the chest. Push both treasures towards the left, so that there is a bubble that can catch the first treasure as well as a rock to catch the second. Push the first treasure in and position the second treasure, then go after enemies and bonuses before pushing the final treasure in at the end of the level.


Level 8

Try to avoid the enemy if possible! Follow the path around until you reach the three bubbles that look like a backwards 7. Pop the first two and then push the third bubble up to the right wall. Push the boulder down. Go backwards and then push the boulder into the right wall, before going and pushing the treasure to the right of the screen, on the left of the bubble. Follow the path so that you go back underneath the treasure and push it upwards, then you can follow it over the bubble. Pop the bubble and push the treasure from below, and you can then push the treasure in.


Level 9

First, clear any bubbles under the dark blue bubble. Get rid of the bubbles that surround the first treasure, and push it up, right, up and right so it can go into the chest. You can then push the second treasure down from above. Defeat any enemies then finally push the second treasure in.


Level 10

First go up the screen and right to the first treasure, getting rid of any bubbles (not the dark blue ones) that are in the way. Push the dark blue bubble down first before moving the treasure. Then you can push the treasure left and down. Get rid of any bubbles in the way, push the treasure so it’s close to the chest, and then pop any more bubbles and defeat enemies floating around before completing the level.


Level 11

This is simple! Get rid of any bubbles along the level, and then you can put the treasure straight into the chest.


Level 12

Pop any bubbles that lie between the first treasure and the chest and then push it in. Pop any of the bubbles that are around the second treasure and push it so it is on top of the chest. Defeat any enemies, come back and push the treasure into the chest.


Level 13

There are three treasures on this level, for the first time! Firstly, you can push the rock down the screen and pop any bubbles that sit between the 1st treasure and the chest, and put the treasure into the box. The same can be applied to the second treasure, on its right. Continue to defeat enemies and pop bubbles, collecting any bonuses along the way, before pushing the third treasure into the chest.


Level 14

Head to the top of the screen, pop the furthest right balloon and push the boulder along to the right. Then push the first treasure you encounter down so it’s sitting on top of the second treasure. Continue to push the first bubble right and down into the chest. Return back to killing enemies and collecting bonuses, then return and push the second treasure and the third treasure into the chest.


Level 15

This level is slightly trickier than some of the recent ones. First, push the second boulder (the one that is further right on the screen) to the right. Return to the furthest left boulder (to be referred to as the first boulder) and push it up. Then go around it onto its left hand side so you can push it to the right. Push it down and then right so it is next to the other boulder.

Go to the treasure. Push it right. Go around it so that you’re above it, and push it down. Push it right so it is against the boulders.

Next go fully around the backward L so you are below the boulders. Push the boulder up, right, and up (so it is at the top of the square). Return back to the treasure and push it up, right, then up. Go around the backwards L (but from the other way) so you can get to its right hand side. Now you can push it from here into the chest!


Level 16


This level is easy. Just push the closest treasures in carefully, making sure that you don’t block access to the chest. There’s one in the bottom left of the screen. Here, you can push it right, up, right, down and then it’s easy from there.


Level 17

Be very careful on this level – it is easy to make a mistake!

You will see first of all a group of four rocks. Push one of these against the right hand wall, then push it up the screen (so it’s in the top right corner). Do this again with two more boulders. Return to the left hand side to the group of boulders there. Don’t touch the rock between the two fins. Push one boulder to the right, up, then left, so it’s against the top single piece of debris. Do the same to another rock, so it’s next to it. Go around it and push this second one down (so it’s next to the rock you left alone). Do the same with another rock (right, up, left then down – so you have a backwards L with three rocks there). Push it right so it’s against the line of rocks on the far right wall. Push another one too in the same manner. Finally, push the rock out of the way from on top of the treasure, and then push the treasure right and into the chest.


Level 18

On this level you will see a bubble against the top debris. Push it right and then to the bottom (into the right hand corner). Push the bubble that is by the bottom debris against it. Push another against the right hand wall. Then push another bubble up to this one and push it down, and do this twice more until you have four bubbles in a vertical line. You also should have with this layout two bubbles to the right of the top left debris so the treasure can be caught (see diagram below) – Push the treasure appropriately bouncing against the bubbles until you get around to the chest, one at a time so they don’t get blocked.

If you get stuck, watch a video on this one, as this level is quite confusing.

pic diagram level 18

Level 19

Level 19 is very difficult and it is best to watch a video on this. There are also many enemies that appear during this level.

Level 20

There’s no treasure on this level – all you have to do is kill monsters and collect any bonus bubbles that appear!


Neopets Raiders of Maraqua Glitches


Unfortunately, Raiders of Maraqua is one of the games that is very buggy on Neopets. Therefore, through your game play of it, you may experience a number of glitches or problems that makes it difficult to play the game. At times, these glitches can even make it impossible to finish a level.

For example, sometimes you may come across a moment where bubbles that you need in order to finish the level are destroyed, sometimes through no fault of your own. A way of getting around this is to keep defeating enemies and waiting for a Slug Monster to arrive, which will form bubbles through the game again. This requires some patience, but usually works out fine.


One programming error, however, can make a level completely impossible to complete. This can happen through no fault of you own, and even without interference from an enemy. This is when a bonus item (e.g. a small gold piece) appears in a place which makes it impossible for you to push bubbles, rocks, or treasures and therefore makes the game unwinnable. The most common places this arises, due to the format of certain levels and the limited passageways, is in levels 4, 8, 11, 14 and also 18.

There are a number of other glitches that may happen during the course of this game. This includes bubbles which can’t be moved or pushed in any way. Unfortunately, there is no way of getting around this problem, apart from sometimes restarting the level, otherwise you will have to quit the game.

Other glitches may occur involving the treasure chest. For example, treasures sometimes can’t be dropped on a chest and pass straight through the chest. Other times, there are 2 or more chests that appear through the level. Although often these can just be graphical problems and cause no effect to the overall gameplay, at other times these cause the entire game to be unwinnable due to their placement or due to the inability to interact with them. This therefore can result in the loss of the game and of any high score you are trying to achieve.


Neopets Raiders of Maraqua Avatars

In order to get the Raiders of Maraqua Avatar, you need to get 800 points. Keeping in mind that the base game has 415 points in total, and that you can get bonus points throughout the game from gold pieces and from transparent bubbles, with the use of this guide it should be possible to get the full 800 points. Keep practicing!

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