Neopets Clara on Ice

Clara on Ice is the sister game of the equally popular game featuring a Snuffly instead of Clara Chatham, Let It Slide. Our heroine, Miss Chatham must slip, slide and jump her way out of harm’s reach in order to continue investigating Neopia’s mysteries accompanied by extraordinarily catchy music. Clara, from Clara on Ice has been separated from Roxton and Jordie. Can you help her beat the game?


Clara on Ice is your typical side scrolling game, timed, and hugely addictive. Playing Clara, you must work your way through the Ice Caves, avoiding obstacles and collecting bright green jewels along the way for maximum points. Below is a screenshot of your typical game:

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At the top right, beside the timer icon is the amount of time remaining, each level starts with 200 seconds on the clock. However, this is not your typical timed game as this is only for bonus points. If you wish to complete the level with a high score, pay particular attention to the timer, but if you’re playing for fun you can practically ignore it. In the centre you can see how many lives you have left – three lives for three levels seems easy enough, and there will be opportunities to collect more throughout the levels. Finally the green jewel at the top left and a number indicates how many you’ve collected so far.

Point System

Each jewels collected is worth 10 points, and for each heart found and collected will add on an extra 50 points to your game. The timer, as mentioned is crucial for a high score, as for every second remaining on the clock is worth a point. However since jewels are worth more than seconds, if theres a choice between spending a little more time collecting an extra jewel, pick the jewel.

For every level you can collect up to 80 jewels and 6 hearts in total, adding up to 1100 points per level. Add in the time bonus (on a speed run, this could be around 80 points pet level), and there is roughly a potential to earn around 3500 points by the end of the game – likely earning you a gold trophy.


Clara is controlled with the three arrow keys as she works her way through part of Terror Mountain. She must head right towards each level’s goal, using the right button accordingly, left to turn back and left (or the space bar) to jump. An extended press of either up or the space bar will result in a longer jump. Watch out however, because Clara will slip on the ice laden slopes, so keep strong control over the keys at all times. In order to pick up jewels and extra lives, simply walk over them.


No game would be complete without an enemy to over come, in Clara on Ice these enemies are Snow Beasts. Snow Beasts walk to and fro within certain, usually limited areas and will make you lose a life on contact. In the first level, this is your main obstacle to overcome, but they are relatively easy. On the second level their behaviour changes slightly, you’ll start to see Snow Beasts jumping, walking, and most importantly throwing snowballs at you. Around halfway through this level a small section of several hovering Snow Beasts prevents your passage whilst you navigate a moving platform to get past them. With the snowballs, this is perhaps the trickiest section. The third level introduces a boss Snow Beast (because what good platform game would be without a boss level?) who throws huge icicle filled snowballs at you in an arc pattern. The best method to escaping past is either to lose a life – assuming you have many to lose, or use a helicopter hat to glide on past him.

Some of the other obstacles you may encounter on your journey through the Ice Caves include as follows

Level 1 – Ice that melts as soon as you step on it (watch out and be quick with this one!) moving wooden floor boards, and of course, slippery slopes. Slippery slopes could also be a bonus or a problem, as the speed allows you to jump further distances either into hearts or into Snow Beasts.

Level 2 – One of the new obstacles introduced on level two is water hazards. The particular water hazards in Clara on Ice, whilst they won’t kill you immediately, will make you take damage over time until you jump out of the water. In order to cross large expanses of water, unstable blocks of ice will allow you to jump across, with some degree of speed and skill. Another obstacle is the boulder, which in order to use to your advantage you must get on top of it and walk slowly in the opposite direction you intend to go in.

Level 3 – The third and final level is the most difficult, as you will have to use all the skills earned from the previous levels combined in order to pass this one. It introduces large, hard to avoid stalactites which can trip you up easily and make you lose a life. Avoid accidentally sliding into them. Whilst there is nothing more dangerous or newer than you will have seen already, they will be a lot harder to traverse this level.

Neopets Clara on Ice Cheats

  • Typing the word ‘stalactites‘ will grant you an extra life at any point in the game, vital if you’re running low on lives or going for an elusive high score or trophy.
  • Watch out for helicopter hats as they can help your game immensely, especially in the final level. They work as an extra far jump, adding a glide each time you hit the space bar, and will remain on until you take damage.
  • Geysers occur in the second and third levels, take advantage of these by jumping into them and holding the up arrow or space bar for a further jump. They can carry you great distances past obstacles and will not cause you any harm.
  • As you are not timed, feel free to relax and take your time over the game. However for a higher score, its necessary to practise until you can pass every level quickly.

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