Neopets Underwater Fishing

Ye Olde Fishing Vortex is the place to try your hand at Underwater Fishing. With your active pet, you can attempt to go fishing all day but the average wait time between successful catches is 12 to 14 hours. The items that your pet will fish up depend on their fishing level. Your pet’s fishing level will increase the more you fish with the pet. There is no specific time of day or items that will increase your chances of success.

Underwater Fishing Link

The underwater fishing pool is located in Maraqua. Near the bottom right of the map, you’ll see the link to the Maraquan Ruins. From there, you can find Ye Old fishing Vortex in the upper left of the map. Or you can skip all of that and click the Ye Old Fishing Vortex link here.

Underwater Fishing Cheats

Currently, the maximum fishing level is 500. Fishing level is connected directly to your active pet and to your account. If a pet with a high fishing level is moved to a new account, its level will be reset to level one. However, if that pet is brought back to the account where it gained the initial levels, those levels will be restored. In short, Fishing level 250 Pet is moved from Account A to Account B and becomes Fishing Level 1 Pet; When Fishing Level 1 Pet moves back to Account A, it becomes Fishing Level 250 Pet again. You can view your pet’s lookup to see what their current fishing level is under the stat “Fishing Skill.” Each pet has their own fishing skill stat so you’ll need to switch up active pets if you want all your pets to have a high level. Gaining levels only happens if you successfully catch an item from the vortex. The list below shows the lowest recorded possible level to find each item. All of these items are unique to the fishing vortex.

Neopets Underwater Fishing

Special Neopets Fishing Items

Among its exclusive items, the vortex has special items that have unique properties when used. These items tend to be a rare catch but will fetch a good price if you’re lucky enough to fish one up.

The Mysterious Swirly Potion is a one-use item that will turn your pet into a random limited edition pet. The list of limited edition pets are Chomby, Cybunny, Grundo, Kiko, Koi, Jetsam, Lutari, Poogle, Tonu, Hissi and Ruki. The potion is especially useful because it will change your pet into an LE species while maintaining the current color of the pet, as long as the color is also available for the new species. If the color is not available for the new species, than the pet will turn a random basic color. For example, if you use a Mysterious Swirly Potion on your Ice Korbat, and the potion turns it into a Poogle, then the Poogle would not be Ice, since there is no Ice Poogle color available. The Poogle would be red, blue, green or yellow instead.

The Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water is similar to the Mysterious Swirly potion. However, this time when used on a pet, the pet will keep its current species and will instead turn a random color. The flask is also one-use. Unlike the fountain that it is named after, the Flask of Rainbow Water can turn your pet ANY color, with the only exception being the Ice color for Bori. That means that coveted colors such as Robot are available when using this item. You will also not receive the “Buzzin” avatar from this item, as it does not count as a dip into the Rainbow Fountain.

The Irritable Genie-in-a-Bottle is a one-use item that raise your pets stats. Your pet can gain between 1-3 levels from the Genie.

The Fishing Made Easy book will increase your pets intelligence like any other book but it will also increase your pet’s fishing skill instantly by 1-3 levels.

The Pant Devil Attractor is an inexpensive item, but it is highly usefully. When this item is in your inventory, it attracts the Pant Devil and he will most likely steal the attractor than any other item. So hording attractors in your inventory is especially useful when borrowing irreplaceable lending items like BGC, SuAP or MSPP.

Neopets Fishing Avatar

To obtain the avatar, your pet must fish up a Titanic Giant Squid. The squid is available around level 80+ so your pet will have to become a diligent fisher to gain the opportunity.However, do not be surprised if you find your pet is past level 80 and has not found a squid. Items fished from the vortex are random, so it might take awhile before you’re fortunate enough to find one.

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