Neopets Paint Brush

Everything you need to know about paint brushes is in the following guide – from buying the brush to painting your pet, we’ve got it! Paint brushes are the items you use to paint your pets different colours. Such as turning your Kau from a Royal Kau to maybe a Spotted Kau? Paint brushes can only be used once, so decide carefully! Want to buy a Neopets Paint Brush? Want to use a Neopets Paint Brush? Do not even know what  a Neopets Paint Brush is? Read through this Neopets Paint Brush guide to answer any of your Neopets Paint Brush questions!

What is a Neopets Paint Brush?

In the Neopian world there are over 60 Neopets Paint Brushes for you to collect or use if you wish. People use a Neopets Paint Brush to paint their pets different colours. Some people use many paint brushes to change the colour of their pet but use previous clothes that were created by these colours.  The following are all the Neopets Paint Brushes you can currently obtain:

Purple Paint Brush

White Paint Brush

Red Paint Brush

Yellow Paint Brush

Green Paint Brush

Blue Paint Brush

Rainbow Paint Brush

Silver Paint Brush

Glowing Paint Brush

Striped Paint Brush

Shadow Paint Brush

Split Paint Brush

Invisible Paint Brush

Cloud Paint Brush

Disco Fever Paint Brush

Electric Blue Paint Brush

Fire, Fire, Your Pants On Fire Paint Brush

Speckled Paint Brush

Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush

Skunk Paint Brush

Strawberry Fields Forever Paint Brush

Starry Paint Brush

Spotted Paint Brush

Checkered Paint Brush

Halloween Paint Brush

Christmas Paint Brush

Faerie Paint Brush

Golden Paint Brush

Lost Desert Paint Brush

Brown Paint Brush

Tyrannian Paint Brush

Baby Paint Brush

Pirate Paint Brush

Mystery Island Paint Brush

Orange Paint Brush

Pink Paint Brush

Ghost Paint Brush

Plushie Paint Brush

Darigan Paint Brush

Maraquan Paint Brush

Usuki Paint Brush

Snow Paint Brush

Royal Paint Brush

Grey Paint Brush

Starter Green Paint Brush

Starter Red Paint Brush

Starter Blue Paint Brush

Starter Yellow Paint Brush

Camouflage Paint Brush

Biscuit Paint Brush

Zombie Paint Brush

Relic Paint Brush

Woodland Paint Brush

Transparent Paint Brush

Maractite Paint Brush

Swamp Gas Paint Brush

Water Paint Brush

Wraith Paint Brush

Eventide Paint Brush

Get Off My Lawn Paint Brush

Stealth Paint Brush

Dimensional Paint Brush

Pastel Paint Brush

Polka Dot Paint Brush

Where to find Neopets Paint Brushes

If you are lucky enough you can get a random event giving you a paint brush. This is extremely lucky. The most common way to buy them is through the shop wizard ( not ssw) trades or auctions. Prices range from 30k to millions depending on the type of paint brush.


Here people will be selling paint brushes. Sometimes you may see them being sold for very cheap or others asking A LOT more for them than they are worth. It is a good idea to research how much a specific paint brush is that you wanting before buying. The simplest way to do so is to check the trades for other lots that are selling and how much they are seeking for it. An example of the Faerie Paint Brush search:


The pink box is showing you where you need to type the item name and the green boxes are showing you what other people are wanting for that specific item.  Some will want only NP others may want a mixture of NP and items, some wont specify what they actually want and in that case you will need to mail them and others will have them reserved for specific people. As you can see the currently market for a Faerie Paint Brush is at 2million NP (2,000,000np). Some brushes are available through the Hidden Tower (Must be 4 months to access it)


Here you have the chance to bid on a paint brush that is really cheap and auctions also allows you to bid more than 2 million Neopoints which is rather handy. You can scroll through pages of auctions that are going on or you can search specific paint brushes for you to look at.


People can also make sure that you are the only person that bids on the paint brush through NF only auctions. *Note: The following colours are not in forms of paint brushes but accessible in other means ( you will have to figure out).

Alien       Chocolate       Coconut       Clay       Custard       Garlic       Ice       Jelly       Mallow       MSP       Robot       Snot       Sponge       8-Bit        Mutant       Magma

How to use a Neopets Paint Brush

Using them is simple. Go to the Rainbow Pool with your paint brush in your inventory. Click which pet you want and it will be painted.


If your pet can not be painted a certain option than it will not appear.

Selling a Neopets Paint Brush

Sometimes you are given a Paint brush or you buy a paint brush and second guess your idea. You are always able to sell them to others. All you need to do, as mentioned previously, research how much it is worth and sell it to that price. Unless you want to sell to a re-seller, ( extremely cheap ) or gift to a friend. You can also put it up for auction for people to bid on it and if you are lucky the amount that has been bid maybe more than you were going to sell it for in the first place.

Some people will paint their pets numerous colours for the clothes that they can get from it. All you need to do is go to your closet to see if you have any clothes from the paint brushes. You can make quite a range of pets from painting them a few times. These are a few examples from painting a Shoyru; Zombie, Robot and Desert:


Alternatives to Paint Brushes

There are other way to get your pet painted and these can still cost you. There is the Lab Ray, Morphing Potions, Transmogrification Potions, Chia Pops, Fountain Faerie, Magma Pool, Random events, Neggs, other forms of potions, Magical Plushies and much more…


I believe the most asked question by newbies is; how do I paint my pet? The following is a quick step-by-step guide to help you find that perfect paint brush!

  • First, you have to see what colour you want to paint your pet. You can do that by click here.
  • Second, you have to go to the trading post and search the name of the paint brush you want. Most of the paint brushes you cannot buy from the shop wizard, because they are over 100k (100,000) neopoints. Meaning, you cannot buy them from the shop. Sorry, kiddos. You can also get paint brushes from other ways, such as Referrals, fruit machine, etc.
  • After you have searched for the paint brush you would like, see how much they’re asking for the paint brush, get that amount, and bid. Paint brushes range from 100k-1 million.


Notice how when you try to use your paint brush, there is no option to paint you neopet? That is because you must take it to the Rainbow Pool to have your pet painted!

  • Go to Shops > Rainbow Pool (it’s located on the main image map).
  • Scroll down to “Paint Your Pet” on the main page.
  • Select the paint brush and pet you wish to colour and paint it!

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