Neopets Cooty Wars

The game Cooty Wars is just like playing Mootix Drop, except you play a general of the other side’s combatants of the ‘great war’ between the Mootix and the Cooty. Instead of playing the Mootix and parachuting from the sky to land on a specific target, in Cooty Wars, the goal is to shoot them out of the sky. The exciting game that is Cooty Wars narrates a part of the larger under current unnoticed by Neopets and Petpets alike, and by playing Cooty Wars on the side of the Cooty you’re making a political statement in support of them. What exactly they are fighting over, we cannot know.


The aim of the game is to stop as many Mootix as possible from reaching the ground and joining their comrades in arms. You play the Commander General Cooty and you’re positioned high above the falling Mootix in a hot air balloon. We assume there is a battle raging somewhere below on the carpet, and its your job to stop them. You use your mouse to aim at each Mootix, and left click to fire at them. Sometimes the Mootix appear slightly to the left of the right of the screen, and in this case you can use your mouse to pan either left or right. The further down each Mootix is on their descent, the more points you will score for hitting them. Below is a screenshot of your typical gameplay:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 16.20.54


In the centre of the screen, you have the arena in which the Mootix will parachute. Note you cannot hit them until their parachutes have unfolded, and the further you let them fall the harder they will become to hit. The point system for this game ranges from 1 – 10, you receive 1 point for shooting them as soon as their parachute opens, and 10 points for shooting them till they’ve almost disappeared from the screen. To score 10 per Mootix is extremely hard, although not impossible with some practise. Please note that shooting the Mootix itself will not earn you any points, and whilst you have unlimited ammo, its a waste of time. Aim for the parachute always.


The bottom left hand side indicates both which level you are on, and what your current score is. The middle section shows the number of Mootix hit out of the number possible for this level. Note that each level has a different minimum number of Mootix. The number required by each level is as follows, on level 1 its 20 / 25, level 2 needs 30 / 35, level 3 needs 40 / 45 and so on. Each level only allows you to miss a maximum of 5 Mootix or else it’s Game Over. Once you reach the required minimum Mootix hit to pass the level, the number turns yellow. On the first few levels this should not be a problem, but after level 4/5, the Mootix move extremely fast and skill and practise is required.

Power-ups and Bonuses

After the first level and from there on throughout the game, other Petpetpets will occasionally join you on the screen. Shooting them will earn you bonus points and power-ups, so its a huge priority not to miss them, especially if you’re going for a high score.

The Moquot – by shooting this Petpetpet you earn yourself a +25 point bonus.

The Lightmite – For a limited time, shooting the Lightmite will turn the screen a blue shade and freeze all Mootix on the board for around three seconds allowing you to shoot them with ease.

The Squippit – By hitting the Squippit, all Mootix on the board with parachutes currently open will be eliminated from the game, and you earn their respective points.

Neopets Cooty Wars Cheats

  • When a Mootix appears on screen, position your crosshair just beneath the Mootix and wait until its parachute flickers red. This allows the Mootix to fall some distance before you hit them, thereby earning yourself more points.
  • Don’t shoot the Mootix itself, aim for the parachute. Shooting the Mootix won’t count.
  • Aim for between 8-10 points pet Mootix hit, especially on the first few levels. Whilst there is no perfect trick to completing this, practise makes perfect. This is absolutely necessary for a high score.
  • After around level 5 the Mootix move too quickly to wait until 8-10 points, from here on its necessarily simply to complete the game with your minimum quota of Mootix, than risk a Game Over.
  • When seeing the Squippit or the Lightmite, wait until the time is perfect before shooting them – it would be a shame to waste the Squippit if some Mootix did not yet have their parachutes open, and similarly you wouldn’t want to waste the Lightmite if there is nothing on the screen to freeze. Build up your screen before shooting them for maximum points.

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