Neopets Barf Boat

Neopets Barf Boat will challenge you not to become sick at sea. In Neopets Barf Boat you are a Captain of a ship, you have just eaten a meal and set sail. The wind has picked up and you are being rocked back and forth. You can not do two things at once to keep the crew safe. So will you steer the ship or will you vomit?

How to Play

You need to maintain the control of the ship. You will be using your keyboard for this game moving with the right and left arrows. The space bar can be used to get your crew to jump to avoid obstacles that come their way.
Your crew will be dodging bombs that are thrown their way, They need to stay away from these explosives as they can reach a fair distance.
If you see any coins then collect those coins! They range from 30 to 300 points so they are worth it! Just make one of the crew members contact it to pick it up. They will be moving fast so keep and eye out if they appear.
Barf will appear on the ship and it is just a distraction to you. It plays not important obstacle, just looks bad. You will be able to tell how close the captain is to barfing from the shade of green on this face. Once again it is just a distraction to the events that are going on.

The Members

There are altogether six different types of Petpets that can be on top of your boat.
Your aim is to keep them on there as long as possible.
The more Petpets you keep on top of your boat the more points you will get.
Every second you have one Petpet on your boat your score will go up by three.
Each additional Petpet will increase by 2 points per second.

Keep the petpets as close to the center of the boat as possible. Do not let them all fall off the side of the boat or it will be game over.

Want more of a Challenge?

If you are after more of a challenge than the game above then play “Extreme Mode.” This game has the exact same concept but instead of a ship he is on a row boat. The Petpets are worth double the score. This may seem easier to get the trophy but it is much more difficult.

Neopets Barf Boat Cheats
To get rid of the bombs carefully lean towards a side so that the bomb can slide off.
If the bomb is between Petpets then make the petpets jump and lean at the same time.
Press the space bar to relieve the weight on the ship.
Keep at least one Petpet on the boat to keep playing.
Keep the Petpets group together.
Tap the arrows instead of holding them down.

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