Neopets Petpet Plunge

Neopets Petpet Plunge is a game where you play as a Maraquan Petpet, diving down under the ocean to find various treasures! In Petpet Plunge, you only use your mouse, making this game much easier to coordinate. If you’re used to being confused with popular but difficult games, have no fear! Petpet Plunge is very relaxing to play.



As previously mentioned, Petpet Plunge has very simple controls- you only need a mouse! In order to move your Petpet, left-click, hold, and drag your cursor in whatever direction you want to move. The further you drag the gold arrow , the faster your Petpet will go. Make sure that you know how fast the character will go before you drag the arrow! The arrow size determines how far your Petpet will go – a small arrow equals a small plunge, and a larger arrow will take your Petpet further. It may not be the easiest to judge at first, but once you start playing, you’ll get used to it.

Also remember that you only get 4 moves per level, so try to conserve them if you can!

Bonus Levels

Eventually, small whirlpools will appear. Don’t avoid these! The whirlpools are essentially portals to new areas, and in this case, bonus levels. You have one move to collect a bunch of items in the bonus levels, so plan accordingly. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t complete them perfectly.

The Items

Now that you’ve familiarized yourselves with the controls, it’s time to learn about the items you will need to collect! Keep in mind that some of the “obstacles” can also serve as benefits, based on where they’re placed. Use your own judgement! An interesting aspect of the items is that they are not complicated at all, so remembering what each one does isn’t necessary except for on a basic level. This is a great game to play if you just want to relax.


These shells are necessary to collect. Missing only one will warrant a quick Game Over! There will likely be many on the screen, scattered over a large area.

game_petpetplunge2 Blue Shell This basic shell will stop appearing after Level 4, except for in “Bonus Levels”.
game_petpetplunge3Yellow Shell Like the Blue Shell, this also stops appearing after Level 4. It does not reappear in Bonus Levels.
game_petpetplunge4Sand Dollar The Sand Dollar begins to appear in Level 5, after the disappearance of the first two shells. It stops appearing in Level 8, except for one Bonus Level.
game_petpetplunge5Green Spotted Shell These shells appear in the same levels as the Sand Dollar, except they do not appear in any bonus levels.
game_petpetplunge6Purple Shell Appears in levels nine to twelve.
game_petpetplunge7Light Purple Shell Only appears in levels nine and eleven.

Along with the shells, there are also speed boosts and bonuses that you can pick up! These are also necessary to collect, with the exception of the clamshell. However, just because the clamshell isn’t necessary, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it! It’s probably the most useful item, granting you an extra move.

game_petpetplunge8Pink Shell While also gaining you points, the Pink Shell gives your Petpet a speed boost. It comes in handy when your shots are limited. The Pink Shell appears in levels one to four, and two of the bonus levels.
game_petpetplunge10Teal and Yellow Shell The Teal and Yellow Shell appears in levels five to eight and one bonus level. Like the Pink Shell, it also offers a speed boost.
game_petpetplunge9Purple Circle Shell The Purple Circle Shell appears last, in Levels nine to twelve.
game_petpetplunge11Maractite Chunk This chunk of aquatic gemstone will remove the property of friction for a short period of time, allowing you to glide at a constant speed.
game_petpetplunge12Clam Shell The Clam Shell is possibly the most useful item in the game, and a real life saver. If you collect the pearl inside, you get an extra, free shot! However, make sure to only launch your Petpet at it when it is open. If the shell is closed, your Petpet could get stuck inside!


Didn’t think it would be that easy, did you? Unfortunately, there are also obstacles to avoid. The following are bumper bubbles, which allow you to bounce off of them. (Note: Even though these are categorized as “obstacles”, they can also be used to your benefit in some situations. Don’t avoid them unless you know you have to!)

game_petpetplunge13Blue Bubble This bubble is fairly weak, and it only takes one hit to break. Be sure to use it when you need it only!
game_petpetplunge14Green Flame Bubble The green, fancy-looking bubble is stronger than the Blue Bubble. It takes 3 hits to break, and offers a speed boost once you bounce off of it.
game_petpetplunge15Orange Bubble These bubbles don’t pop at all! The orange bubble can be used as many times as you want.

Along with the bubbles, there are also “enemy” Petpets who attempt to make you stray from your goal. These pets should be avoided! However, don’t worry if you accidentally hit one. You won’t lose a shot, but you will be redirected from your target.

In certain cases, these Petpets will offer benefits, but not always. Just assess your situation.

game_petpetplunge16Arkmite Appears in levels six, ten and twelve.
game_petpetplunge17Ghoti Appears in levels seven and eleven.
game_petpetplunge18Darpinch Only appears in level nine.

Petpet Plunge Cheats and Tips

  • Use plans to map out your moves! You can hold something to use as a straight edge (e.g. paper, hand, pencil) up to the screen in order to better calculate the direction that your shots will need to go.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t finish the level in one move! It’s not very easy to do, and is the reason why multiple lives are allowed. Just try again and don’t get frustrated!
  • The water effects certainly look cool, but will probably slow down your game unless your internet is quite good. I would recommend turning them off.
  • Although this game will get frustrating after a while, don’t give up! It’s not time-based, so spend some time working out where you need to go and how the environment will react to your shots.

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